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  1. The best thing that i did today was to watch Colin Farrell sex tape. :milkney: 

    1. IUSAtonight


      I remember they both had some big ass bushes, although i watched it so long ago i could be confusing :receipts2:

    2. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      You intrigued me:

      he ate that p*ssy for longer than he f*cked her, what a nice guy. :crying1:

  2. That boy is a MONSTER...

  3. I find Marilyn Manson extremely attractive: his mind, the way he views things, his voice, his music...And even his ''scary'' appearance. 

  4. I'm having suicidal thoughts right now :(

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    2. BoyToySoldier


      Please don't harm yourself, it's never the answer. There's people who love you. You're a very pretty girl and whatever you're going through, it will get better. :hugs:

    3. I'mSoCurious


      Oh god no. We love you too much. Feel better soon and don't hesitate to PM me if you wanna chat. :kiss:

    4. ohoney


      Thanks everyone who took the time to write those beautiful and sweet replies. I'm having hard times, but i'll be able to control this awful feeling, i already did it years ago, i'll rise...i shall rise. LOVE 4 EVERYONE! 

  5. Dumb guys turn me off, a sexy brain it's where the magic starts!

  6. So my heart is 'broken' now, even though i knew it was never gonna work from the start but i decided to keep the friendship with him, but now after our last convo i doubt we are gonna talk again... 

  7. The next week i'll be going to another city to meet and visit my online friends, i have some friends that have been talking with me for about 6-7 years without meeting in person and i'm really happy and greatful that it's finally happening!

  8. Sometimes things aren't gonna work in the way we want but, don't be discouraged by it, be patient, take the time to learn, enjoy the process and i can quarantee you, things will be even better.

  9. As long as we are free; it doesn't matter if you are young or older, you can still chase your dreams.

  10. It seems like today a guy followed me (in real life)... 

    1. IUSAtonight


      You mean in a stalker kind of way? :lostney:

      Was he cute? :lostney: 

  11. Chester bennington DIED. I'm in shock...Linkin Park was a HUGE part of my life and i can't fucking believe it...

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      The only thing I know is that at one point I found Linkin Park so good that I bought $146.86 worth of 24-bit tracks of it. Just sent a message to the seller trying to retrieve them :shake: 

      But yeah, he seemed like a good-hearted person :mhm: 

      Don't know much about him though, I will find something today or tomorrow.

  12. The new EXO album SOLD 227,861 albums just from the first day. I'm SO PROUD! :flawlessbye:

  13. VMA'S 2017: Bitches get ready to taste some good kpop slayage, mark my words.

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    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      TWICE is best k-pop group


    3. CashmereCat


      Forreal though? Omg.  Are you fucking foreal!? :lemmetellu:

    4. ohoney


      @CashmereCat a very famous horoscope on Twitter predicted, and they predicted the BBMA win too, so we should trust it, also https://twitter.com/MikeAdamOnAir/status/855207064557297668 


  14. Just do it with love love love.

  15. Be yourself. Yes, you can get inspired by others of course! But NEVER be a 'copy and paste' of another person, be the best version of YOU! 

  16. Is tiring sometimes being too sweet with people that don't deserve it.

  17. A veces por encajar, por complacer, por 'vergüenza' de que digan algo, por hacer lo que según 'X' personas es correcto dejamos atrás lo que realmente queremos ser, lo que de verdad deseamos, y eso? son nuestros sueños, nuestra esencia, nuestra verdadera manera de ser, y gracias a eso, nos convertimos en un fruto sin color, sin vida, porque nos convertimos en los títeres de los demás, rellenados de deseos ajenos con un final preestablecido. 

    Padres, hermanos, amigos, conocidos, desconocidos; dejen que las personas SUEÑEN, que tomen sus propias decisiones sobre su futuro y su presente, no corten las alas de un soñador, no les prohíban el deseo de cumplir sus metas, no juzguen, no pongan la presión de cumplir un estándar sólo para complacerlos, no les digan que 'está mal' sólo porque no les gusta, NO TRATEN DE VIVIR SUS SUEÑOS A TRAVÉS DE ELLOS no censuren la belleza de la libertad humana. 

    Vos! si vos! el que quiere ser bailarín clásico: no sos menos hombre, ni sos un 'puto' (y en todo caso que seas homosexual; que tiene que ver tu orientación sexual?) ni sos menos 'capaz'.

    La que quiere estudiar mecánica: no sos una 'sucia', no sos 'poco femenina' ni mucho menos dejás de serlo.

    Todos somos humanos, y todos somos diferentes, claro que hay gente con gustos similares, pero siento que nunca vamos a pensar 100% igual que el otro, y eso es lo que hace que todo sea más interesante. 

    Aprovechen todas las caídas, las lesiones, los errores, porque eso los llevará a VOLAR ALTO (y muy si le pones empeño) disfruten del vuelo, disfruten la vida que es muy corta, sean ustedes mismos, sujétense fuerte! 

  18. Keanu Reeves is so gorgeous, and he's like 50! 

    1. BraveGraphics


      he aged gracefully

    2. ohoney


      @BraveGraphics he's probably inmortal as the memes say :omg: 

  19. Yesterday 'If U Seek Amy' was played in the shopping, someone is a fan...

    1. blacklistedd


      Ewww, people need to leave that song in flopland and play something else by her.

    2. ohoney
    3. patience darling

      patience darling

      uhhh at least they didn't play Floppin' with You ....

      IUSA is flawless.

  20. Everything was doing fine...

  21. BBMA's were so boring yesterday in my opinion, i only watched it because of BTS.

    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      The hosts were cringe af :ehum:

    2. ohoney


      @Electro World and the perfomances boring too!

  22. NO, NOT TODAY!