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  1. 13 minutes ago, falka said:

    :girlwhat:  :girlwhat:  :girlwhat:

    Well, I wouldn't buy a horse ever, cuz it's pricey and I'm scared of the beast, but some peeps like them, feed them, clean them, ride them and pay from own pockets. :whitney:

    rude Inhellers are rude :mhm:



    I like you sis but...


  2. 6 minutes ago, falka said:


    I do not get why some of U act like She wasn't known for making faces for ages already.
    Fan from that pic I think must be over the moon, cuz it's very animated thing, not like he took a picture with Brit's cardboard but with actual living legend and her emotions.

    It's picture showing some interaction, some reaction from both parties,

    it's not boring like mass production.:lemmetellu:
    She may have anxiety, he may be over excited, :snapney: but it's all still pretty good.

    What is your point sis? the picture is awful, especially with the amount of money that you spent to get one, no excuses for her.



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  3. On 24/9/2017 at 3:58 AM, DignifiedLove said:

    The fact that Britney continues to lip-sync 99% of her career this decade is an absolute joke at this point and has done so much harm to Britney's credibility as an artist, especially when she's flopping around with horrendous choreography in tragic costumes. I don't care what any of you say but her BBMA 2016 and VMA 2016 performances were not good at all. Yes, I'm glad Britney was confident enough to perform solo at an award show since last decade but it felt meaningless and tired. Just a bunch of mashed up Vegas performances with slightly better production and costumes.


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