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  1. Oh well, i want to think she was smart enough to make sure her work is safe and created copies, i hope i'm right, is not fair to have all of your work from heart destroyed by some greedy people.
  2. I'm in love with her milky white skin, it makes her look way more younger and ''softer'', she looks beautiful!
  3. Hard decision since even though they both have similar concept, one song is darker than the other one and i feel that the atmosphere in each of them is completely different.. great songs though but i think i'm gonna pick... Phonography
  4. Those new candids pics with Sam (her bf) kinda scared me, she looks a little 'lost', i feel so bad for her!
  5. I always suspected that he had the Rebellion CD, i don't believe everything he says and if he is that ''bad'' as everyone thinks he is, this is gonna be a huge oportunity to get some cash from all of these cd's..LEAK IT NOWWWWWWW
  6. Her team will probably keep leaking some of her music to distract ALL of us since Sam is sharing very valid points. I'm pretty sure the OP is not saying that we should trust him a 100% but we should definitely try to not being biased and listen his point of "view" and "truth". Maybe he's right, maybe he's lying, maybe the media and her team tarnished his image TO US for the purpose of not letting a person help her with her freedom, we will probably never now, but connecting different sides of the story could lead us to something tbh, but afterall we are finally understand that the worst demon was with her all along. #freebritney
  7. Is this a "don't cringe" challenge? Because i lost it.
  8. I know he's not trustworthy in any means but, this could help the situation a little bit by attracting the media attention....
  9. I'm still surprised that people READ and BUY this kind of garbage, i'll pray for their minds, people are so ignorant and brainwashed.
  10. I hope this blows up! This needs to be EXPOSED! So many years of this c-bullshit going on, she needs to be free, she's a grown ass woman! This needs to ve everywhere! We need to fight and stop this!
  11. I honestly feel so worried and sad about this whole situation, i can't believe she's still surrounded by a bunch of snakes, they are sucking her life off, her freedom, she's almost 40 and probably doesn't or never will know about freedom and pure happiness and it makes me so ANGRY! Why are people so obssesed with money at the point of hurting someone else and taking the control over a person? This is like a glimpse of 2007 happening all over again and maybe worse! Call me conspiranoic but i always believed there was A LOT MORE behind this than just taking a 'time for herself'', i'm NOT buying it! not because of the audio but because it always felt kinda ''off'', this whole situation, she's being forced, she's not taking time for herself, they are making her go back to the robotic and mannequin effect #FreeBritney
  12. Maybe i'm wrong but i feel that she dances better in her rehearsals because she feels more comfortable and ''free'' you know? wearing simple clothing, no make-up, no noise, no screaming...Is like when you dance alone at home and you're having so much fun until someone secretly see it and you just want to stop because you are so embarrased , when it comes natural it's more fun than having to be perfect and do it all the time , she's been a long time in this industry, i understand now that doing the same thing over 20 years can be tiring and maybe boring, ALSO having such a big public breakdown and injury caused a major self-steem problem in her and you can see it, she's probably afraid of f**king it up having a 'complex' choreo and doesn't want to feel the same horrible pain she went through with that injury, even though it happened years ago there are some things in life that you definitely don't want to experiment again lol
  13. I hope i'm inmortal so i can get to live enough for those leaks
  14. Why are we ALWAYS so far away of getting Rebellion?
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