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  1. Umm excuse me but how do you feel about the fact that he ask followers in order to speak about his mother??? taking advantage of from her (or the situation) maybe??? Reminds you of something??? Maybe??? Even if we are talking about some followers ! And as about quiting music; Britney seems to change her mind a lot about quiting or not because I assume, on one hand it is something that she loves to do and on the other she propably hates the whole situation she's been in, so dont take it seriously !
  2. Ok I just saw her new video on her insta and I would like to point some things out cause I think with that video we can get to the next step for Britney ! First of all some things are obvious ( sadly not to anyone I see ) Britney never read this book she just used it as an excuse to speak out cause she may cannot speak DIRECTLY to us..she's a very smart lady now her team cannot say a THING. Secondly, she kept speaking out by using the CUT OFF to point that she has this problem to be cut off by saying many things in her life AND she wanted to say to us by correcting the title of the book and make it even more clear that the book was just an excuse so as to find a way to say some things she may wanted to say for a looooong time . So i suggest that we must try to reach to the next level and put some huge celebrities into the movement, ppl are afraid to talk cause they may feel that the issue is too personal. IT IS NOT ! If Brit was a man non of these things would or could take place!
  3. Guys hi i must say that i follow freebritney mivement even if i dont come here much often..and im just devastated to the point that im thinking that i cannot handle it anymore seeing so much injustice overe there..but do you really think that she s gonna make it and survive from this creepy thing? All of them have dirty hands and if we wanna be realistic over here is too dangerous for them having a FREE Britney do whatever she likes SAY whatever she wants. Its just an end game and frankly im starting to fear about her own life..this is isnt about some money its about millions and millions of dollars and if they are already so guilty what you think is gonna happen?? Let her be free amd dangerous (for them)??? Do you really believe this??
  4. what is this nonsence in this topic? why you keep saying that she is photoshopping her pics while she prove to us that is the paps actually that edit her pictures to make her look bigger..she has a tiny waist..you guys..even YOU dont paying attention to what she's saying..it's sad really. and as for the furniture behind her, is just the DESIGN of it, doesn;t look like this beacuse of any edit on the pic.
  5. no we just heard it by some sites or blogs that britney said that on court hearing
  6. i personally believe that something really bad happened to Britney after the domination announcement maybe its because as we heard from sites that she forced to the health center by her team cause she wanted out of conservatorship and her mom thought that was too much and she suddenly woke up and decided to step in! Britney was at her best during the announcement of domination and after, she seemed happy and really passionate about her new show maybe she felt it was the time to get her freedom bach and the snakes showed their teeth
  7. pls can somebody elaborate to me when britney's ex charlie say those things i saw in a post into another thread?? and why this is not got the attention it desreves?? we live behind us the official sources and we make big deals only conspiracy theories now? charlies say some things that needs to get exposure all over the internet and i saw it just now and for the record i search daily about freebritney movement to see if we have any news about the investigation etc
  8. excuse me! but why this is not huge in here?? adn why this is not all over the news already? and where whas Charlies to say those things on court??????
  9. britney's fans are the worst ppl in the world i swear..so much chaos just for being talkative something that we prayed a lot all this years and now that she speak about something and defend herself she's immature..but ok i forgot forgive me, if she would make a video crying and cursing her father and her team and praising her fans it would be nice for you and really mature..the only immature ppl are you guys..i even make a comment on an inst profile that some of you going too far with this and they deleted it..just like you accused lou doing with comments etc..you are NOT DIFFERENT FROM HER..acting like you know britney and every aspect of her life,,what she has into her mind what she can or cannot say,,how she must feel and the list goes on and on..**** you
  10. i feel so disturbed even see jamie jamie lynn and all these ppl surrounding Britney..what are those ppl without Britney? was jamie lyn able to close such deals if it was not her sister? she give her talent to the world her teen years she worked so hard she make a fortune and she is the only in this family who is suffering so much, and by whom? by her own family.. how investigation going? do we know anything yet? she don;t even gets the respect she deserves
  11. suck kind of comments every single tiny little detail on her is under the microscope, this is sick, just sick
  12. well is she normally ignore such things? remember Britney before the conservatorship? she was outspoken a lot and spoke her mind quite often i must say
  13. Isn't weird enough that Britney before never acknowledge any rumours and now she make a post on insta just to confirm that she's indeed the one whos posting on her insta page? there are two scenarios a) she gets more freedom that's why she get involved with such things or b) someone is trying too much to prove something that it cannot be proven otherwise unless Britney talk about it..but it's so confusing, if Britney rebel against them to the point to stand up before a judge and ask to get her freedom back and now she listens to what others telling her what to do?? doesn;t even make a sense. so i think it's obvious that she's getting more freedom step by step, hope so at least and yes this is deserves it's own thread (even for a second)
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