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  1. As opposed to the Terrorism brought by the US, especially the US police to the black community? To the Terrorism the US has brought all over the world with most impacted being POC? A lot of people are too blind to see that? This THING you're talking abou is the narrative being pushed by maimstream media, by CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Breitbart etc. It's what the elite wants to be established as the status quo. It's what the most powerful man on earth wants to push as. This kind of rhetoric of protest losing its purpose and just being an excuse to cause terror has been a rhetoric in the 60s, the 30s etc. And yet, the Terror by the police are just..... Ignored huh
  2. unbiased point of view = I have an ******* opinion. Sorry, but racism has caused centuries of violence against the oppressed IN PROTECTION OF THR POWERFUL. I repeat, CENTURIES Protests and Rioting are MORE THAN JUSTIFIED at this point. Protests and Rioting was justified During the stonewall riots giving rise to Pride, and it is justified with the plight of the black community
  3. Actual racism that's been happening for centuries, and the specific intance of police brutality causing the murder of someone from the very oppressed black community>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you're fear of being called a racist. But sure, go on and make this specific instance of raising awareness of racism and police brutality be about YOURSELF and you're fear of being called racist.
  4. Lol at a poster disliking this. Tell me what's more important, White people's fear of being called racist, or the hundreds of years of racism that still continues to this day?
  5. Human rights are politics tho, no way around it. i get you tho, Black peoples are ****ed whatever the political affiliation is.
  6. You see. In the US, black people are opressed whether under Dem or Repub. Racism happens across the political spectrum .. BUT, IT Is a political issue.. I think what you mean to say is that it is non-bipartisan. yes, it is non-bipartisan, but what is happening is literally political
  7. Also, if you were sympathetic to Britney when she's being mischaracterized by TMZ and the media negatively, then you should be sympathetic when CNN and MSNBC and Fox news Frames #BLM and the protests as unneedlessly violent when in fact, the Police and Racism are Evil. Concerned with burning Buildings and lootings but not Black lives or police brutality?
  8. Nah, call out racism for what it is... RACISM. So much more concern for being Called a racist instead of the racism itself.
  9. 1. I agree.. Britney's message is good. 2. This is LITERALLY A POLITICAL ISSUE. No way around it when we have the White House empowering the violently brutal police to be more... Violently brutal
  10. Minnesota has been Democrat since like the 70s and yet.... yes vote, but it ain't enough
  11. Because it wasn't properly purged... and cos the privileged bystanders do nothing about it.
  12. After the things Trump has said? Nah.. Vitriol has been spitted out by one side, yet we're expected to be silent? Be "PoSItIVe"? Nah, stop Fake #toxicpositivity and call out evil for what it is.. EVIL. Only then can we have True positivity.
  13. Black Lives Matter is a way to RAISE AWARENESS That black lives matter, because Black Lives are UNDERVALUED. The response "All lives Matter" by Right-wing ********* are a reply to this with the implkcit message of "What about Us, what about Us" ignoring that they've been privileged and have been benfitting from this for a long time. They're trying to undermine the message of Black lives matter, which is "Black lives have been suffering for a long time. It's time start recognizing that Black Lives matter"
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