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  1. jesus christ its like a bj demo it's like chilling witchu's younger brother
  2. Honey I love your idea and everything, but seriously? It's like you haven't read any of the news on what's happening with her life Her life is pure MESS right now, and I doubt she has the time or the strength for B10 until the ccship situation resolves. She's on life's crossroads right now, either remain a slave or become free. I wouldn't expect B10 before some more important things get settled first.
  3. I would also like to hear from judges who didn't feel the need to ask why Britney didn't witness her own trials FOR OVER TEN YEARS. I think we should have their names, and the reasons why didn't they at any point demand to see from her. If they plan putting this solely on her dad (who is obviously using her) and other people, they are mistaken. Judges who didn't feel the need to hear from the person under ccship for over a decade obviously have something to hide.
  4. I actually don't think Britney is an overly religious person. I think she's just your every-day believer and that's about it. Britney Jean had nothing of her's anyway lol
  5. oh she will profit off of it, and have a comeback. But he won't be there to cash in on it
  6. The fact some of ya'll want JT to speak up that dude has done nothing but trying to put britney down all these years. What makes you think he's not genuinely happy about what's going on? That man is the embodiment of petty
  7. This is BS. After Britney Jean she signed a new contract with RCA for 4 more albums, I clearly remember this information from back then. The new contract was set to give her the control over 80% of her albums, which was evident in Glory. Most of that album was what Britney wanted it to be. Plus, it's been confirmed that Danja will be back for B10, and that can only be Britney's wish — her team hates that guy. Justin confirmed it himself. So the contract is not expiring, but it might be the case that they wanna drop her before it expires, which is still very good. We'll see what happens :mhm:
  8. Slumber party was huge in Serbia it was #1 on our radio charts for good 2 months slay mamasita
  9. .....i just dont understand anymore I swear, this is madness, she looks worse than people when they just woke up
  10. How did she change so much I just don’t get it. I mean yes its a fact people mature and personalities change a little bit here and there but her change is just out of this world, it’s like we have a totally different person now who just reminds of Britney. Its kind of weird tbh
  11. She's talking feminism but undermining and trash talking a fellow woman who went through a lot and earned all her money with hard work? I don't see any feminism at all, just a jealous **** sorry
  12. Ok Urban Dictionary is legit a bully platform that should legit be banned lol, I just checked Beyonce and comments were just as mean and borderline racist :S wtf
  13. he can drop me any day he can drop my *** up and down baby
  14. I don't get how can someone keep mistaking names of the cities she's touring in, its nearly impossible for me to comprehend...ALL THE TIME LOL
  15. At the end of the day, it honestly is our fault at most. Why? We are letting her and her team cash in on us. We buy concert tickets, albums, stream her as mush as possible. Thanks to this, Britney has it in her head she doesn’t need to try anymore, she just knows she will get the money. Not at one point did her fanbase boycott her, not even during BJ. They need to feel the financial loss on their skin if we want things to change, they need to see less of a cash flow and start panicking. This way they all see they can get away with minimum effort and they’re doing it, just like any human being. Millions with no struggle. Unfortunately to me Britney has become simply boring, she has no standards anymore. Boring concerts, boring interviews, long breaks between albums, constant reschedules and cancelations. And the time for her to be back on the top again is almost over, once she hits 40 she will NEVER be able to get in top 20 again for the simple reason, she disowned her career way too early. Sons will grow up and leave their own way, she will want to be back on too again but it won’t happen even if she brings primeney back. I just hope she realizes it before its too late. In the meantime my interest shifted to Ariana Grande completely and I believe a great portion of fanbase started staning other divas as well. She’s completely ignorant of how things are building up to fall apart for her....its really sad
  16. Glory was amazing tbh I hope b10 will be like it only a bit more electronic like womanizer or 3
  17. God I hate this tensions before every single she is about to release, why won't they ever at least SLIGHTLY hint anything but keep being quiet all the time, I'm so frustrated
  18. It's probably a demo sung by someone whose voice is similar to Britney's and then sent to her, or could be her for all we know, I have a feeling the song I amazing, it sounds like it would pick up at the chorus :O we will have to wait and see
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