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  1. 56 minutes ago, Daria said:

    Just because she’s one of the top earners in the industry (using the term “earner” extremely lightly :ohi:) doesn’t necessarily she’s not a flop but ok. 

    if your position is a CEO and mine is a writer, you earn 10k per year and I earn 100k per year, who do you think is more successful? Your position in itself is more fancy than mine, but you're considered a flop because even with a better position you earn less than I do. That's exactly how it works in the pop machinery as well, Ariana, Selena, Beyonce etc. all have bigger hits than Britney atm, but they still earn less. That in itself makes them flop, how do you have hits and still earn less? outrageous :mhm: So to me Britney is a trooper

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  2. 3 hours ago, goincrazy4brit said:

    so unfair for this album to fail that way,:icant2:

    what's wrong with people?? they have literally lost there taste with today's 'pop acts' garbages!:lessons:

    I'm afraid its how it works. New generations have a different taste, we (kids of the 90's) brought a huge change in the industry, and older generations were pissed off cuz of it, constantly telling us we don't know what good music is. Now we're doing the same lol. It is how the wheel turns, what was cool 10 years ago is now outdated, what is cool now will be outdated in 10 years, thats the circle of life :D 

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  3. They really are like daughters of 2ne1, you can see so much personality and influence from bom and CL that its insane. Im glad tbh, i stopped listening to kpop ever since legends disbanded and stopped making music but these girls are interesting and are salvaging whats left of kpop :mhm: how come they didnt get famous overseas but that trash BST? Did? Or bts whatever the name was :gloria: 

  4. 9 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

    Yes but that was when they were 5 of them. They were floping left and right with their last record. If the rumor is true Britney would collaborate again with someone who was popular 2 years ago. Also she used to hate them in X factor, so it would be totally ridiculous for her to have a song with them

    true, I believe it is true its a song she planned with them but is now performing it alone as they fell apart :mhm: looks like the fact Camilla made up the entire group is true after all :mhm: touche at them trying to cause drama with that vma performance of them pushing her lookalike :ohi:

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  5. 22 minutes ago, f_rhythm said:

    I dont want anything attached to 5th Hand Harmony. I dont want to believe that Shes releasing something 5th Hand Harmony was on. It must be basic to death and nothing special. How the hell on earth she thought to have a single with them??? 


    By the way why is that everybody sure that this photo is taken on the set of a music video? Talking based on that tacky outfit, it can be the set for the commercial of the tour, cant be? :mhm: 

    considering a couple of their vids have over a billion views on youtube, no matter how generic and shitty their music might be, GP swallowed it up, so you never know, this might be good for brit

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