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  1. Are you kidding me? Madonna literally published a book called *** in the 90s and she's butt *** naked in it. Google naked Madonna and you'll see tons of photos of her FULLY NAKED. Madonna basically seduces Jesus in her Like A Prayer video. If you've ever been to one of her tours (which you clearly haven't) she has fully naked dancers running around simulating *** with her in the middle. I love Madonna, but she is incredibly ******. Where Britney has always been PG13 into a soft R, Madonna started at a hard R and moved into *** territory. It's why she was so controversial. Get your history straight before you try and throw Britney under the bus, which you just failed at miserably lol.
  2. Oh thank you Scrappy for showing me your ways of how to speak correctly about Britney fans. And yet, here you are the exact fan I'm talking about. Yes the bar was set high for her, 20 years ago. So for you to use that as an excuse to talk negatively about her or expect more is insane. Have you not been paying attention for the past 10 years? She is not that girl anymore. She just isn't. Sometimes you lose the spark, sometimes you get injured, sometimes you just stop caring. As it is clearly obvious to anyone who's been here the whole time, she's experienced all 3 of those things and come back around looking better than she has in years. To want more than that is to be in constant denial of who she is now. Now have I been dissatisfied with her energy and performance level throughout the years? Of course I have. There have been plenty of times I thought/wish she had just stopped. But what I think is also obvious is that she is on medication, heavily at some points, which resulted in her lethargic moves on stage. They've clearly found the right combination of meds and in the right environment for her to feel safe and comfortable again. Now she's out her posting her own choreography to her millions of fans, looking amazing, and half of you guys want to bash her for it? Forgive me for being a little harsh. It just seems ridiculous and disrespectful to jump on her like that with all she's been through. In my professional opinion she has not gone backwards here. She's clearly happy, excited, and energetic and that is enough for me.
  3. Wow, some of you guys legitimately suck. Coming from a professional dancer of 15 years, I can tell you she is more engaged and energetic here than in most of her POM stuff. If you can't see that and enjoy it for what it is, you will never be happy. As a stan from the beginning, it's nice to see her actively participating and looking **** as hell doing it. She's never gonna be that 19 year old girl again. She's a woman who's been through more drama than every single one of us has combined and she's still looking great. So **** off haters and let the true fans enjoy her for who she really is. *And for Godney's sake, please stop using the word "choreographies". That is not a real word. Combo, routine, number, piece, dance combination are all things you can say, but never use that fake word again lol.
  4. Imagine being a gigantic fan since day 1 and not knowing that your own wedding anniversary is on the same day this song came out. Yeah, that's me. I only found out a month ago lol. I definitely freaked out though. I'm a stan through thick and thin and I feel blessed to share this day with her ☺
  5. As much as I live for Just Luv Me, it sounds almost identical to Selena's Good for you, which is at least a year old now. I worry the GP would ignore it and make fun of her for copying, even though we all know it's really the other way around. Slumber Party is just different enough that it could really connect. It has Britney sounding the coolest she's ever sounded and with the right guest artist, it could kill. When I first heard it, I didn't get the love, but it grew on me and with an amazing video, could really be a giant hit.
  6. Technically, I gave up college for Britney. What had happened was, I entered a poster contest the day of her Dream tour in Atlanta, but that morning I had early registration for the college I was going to attend. Well, they kept pushing the college meeting, to the point where I had to leave or I would miss the contest. Needless to say, I won the contest , and front row tickets!!, with a poster I stayed up all night making ( 6 feet tall, blinking lights, glitter, the works). Lol well because I missed early reg, when i went to sign up for classes, all the classes I needed/wanted were already taken! I decided to wait till next semester, but that never came because 1 month later I got a gig dancing on a cruise ship! 12 years later, still never went to college, still a huge Britney fan! However, things worked out perfectly cuz I moved to NYC right after the cruise and never looked back. I guess you could say it's because of Britney that my life is the way it is now, which is awesome : )
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