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  1. Just like his beautiful woman Camila Cabello! Full of hits and number ones.....
  2. no you idiot is not that but you have seen kylie and kenndall make up can change yo ur look ass hole so not photoshop thats what you call professional make up 

  3. hey so you got tickets to the aprill 22nd show ?

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    2. Getnaked93


      okay i did too maybe we can exchange numbers and meet at the show and line up to together. i got pit tickets hub ? 

    3. ItsDanielBitch


      yayyy i got pit tickets as well... and for sure i would like to have a buddy during the show

    4. Getnaked93


      ok cool add me on Facebook eric aranda 

      instagram is eric__1993

  4. hey so are you still looking for a friend to line up with on aprill 22nd ? 

  5. I messaged you about April 22nd because I'm going on the same date !!! 

    1. ItsDanielBitch
    2. Getnaked93


      so i bought my ticket for the april 22nd date !! 

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