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  1. Imagine how that would have been. Like Stages but on a Never Say Never or Believe level of footage. I wish they did more official tour or backstage documentaries in 1999-2004. And then again in 2008-2012.
  2. gee, where to start....it's like a majority of her songs lool
  3. Wow...love these. Brit is always gorgeous
  4. ok so where's the picture? Can't post these stories these days without proof
  5. He is the prototype boy band to solo artist for white artists. He was the only one from early 2000s who did it successfully. Yes, Britney was a huge part of his hype but he actually is a legit artist when he wants to be. All his albums are Justified, Future *** love sounds & 20/20 experience are amazing. Man of the Woods is the only boring one, sorry. I wish he did a more pop, futuristic production show for his Superbowl halftime show. He's a great performer live but for pop standards, I can see why people would say it was boring. He slayed the music scene in 2006-2007 when it was almost completely hip hop and rock dominated for males. Check out his amazing lesser known songs: Oh no what you got Summer love Don't hold the wall ---- I think he should do one last album, all pop with his r&b vibes. Produced by Max Martin and Dr Luke. Not sure if Timbaland and Pharrell have anything left in them that's as amazing as what they gave to jt on his first 3 albums
  6. Same. I'm very impressed by it. Excellent form--lol that's what a Olympics judge would say right
  7. idk but it should not be a rip off or late trendy sound She should get Max Martin, Dr. Luke + Bloodshy & Avant if there is no experimenting going on.
  8. Wow I can't believe it was directed by the same guy and on the same day as Whenever Wherever
  9. This annoys me because britney was the hugest pop artist of the 2000s, sales and video wise, influence wise too. Most people downloaded her songs and albums illegally through p2p file sharing or whatever it was called and it was soo easy to do so in the 2000s. Then digital downloads became much more accepted and mainstream like immediately after her first prime. You know her video views, streaming #s and digital download sales would have been crazy high Thank you for posting
  10. hands down her best album cover solid, underrated pop album if you add the bonus tracks + i run away + when I found you + before the goodbye - not a girl, not yet a woman (idk I never liked this song thankfully the video is one of her best beauty wise) Also, does anyone know if unreleased tracks "tell me am I a sinner" + "when I say so" are from the britney 2001-2002-2003 era ??
  11. sure once she does a duet with doja cat x billie eilish x city girls x bts x nba youngboy x lil baby x bad bunny
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