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  1. I know she's not in her prime or even releasing albums these days.. but this forum always had tons of topics and posts everyday! It's gone down drastically all the sudden! Idgi I thought I was in the wrong section but it seems like that in the other sections too :/
  2. Best dancing pop star (minus Michael and Janet Jackson)
  3. Wonder what # it would've peaked at
  4. Imagine a new album where every track is like that.
  5. She looked very beautiful in it. I liked how it was shot but really wish it was executed much better tbh.
  6. I mean she is married to David Beckham who is a massive worldwide legend. Plus her image stayed more current in comparison to the other spice girls.
  7. Her dancers are always so awesome. Love this pic
  8. I feel bad for her tbh. She may be super wealthy but people want this or that from her or they want to criticize her. I want her to be a successful artist or popstar again too but honestly, we should pray for her or send good vibes to her because in the grand scheme of things she's in a shitty spot. Very lame management!
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