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  1. I misheard this too, l always thought it was "care to buy me a seat"
  2. Could you imagine if there had been an iconic costume for Mona Lisa what would it look like? Also a long gown for a ballad performance >< I love your work and so far my favorites are bomt, oidia, WB and the lace and leather one.
  3. I used to think that the chorus in slave 4 U sometimes said "I'm a slave forever" And that the lyrics to piece of me were something like "I'm Mrs extra extra extra skin". Also thought lucky lyrics were "cry cry cry in her lonely hard thinking".
  4. This is the story about a girl named wifi
  5. You could still copy and paste the french text on Google translation to check on the accuracy of my translation. But yes I guess only people working for the magazine know Britney's original words before they translated into french and we have 0 idea if they did it correctly.
  6. Wade Robson. He does bring the best out of Britney in my opinion. I love the interludes/breakdowns/remixes he creates and DWAD brings this feeling I didn't felt in other tours. I'm very disappointed they got rid of Wade as creative director and André Fuentes as the choreographer for the Circus tour.
  7. I believe that rebellion is from Blackout era so I didn't include it to try to make it more realistic. But tbh I would love and I could definitely have added rebellion, voodoo, dramatic and all those dark songs to Original Doll even though I think they are from Blackout.
  8. Ikr! I think the reason I imagine it brown is because the rawness of some songs make me think of wood or something if that even makes sense And because of how often the recording studio's interiors are made of wood for some reason.
  9. Thanks a lot for the nice feedback everyone, and I agree I've seen some amazing fan art in exhale too and it's heartbreaking somehow
  10. Thank you, I'm glad you like it Mr Lovett
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