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  1. I wonder if we can lodge a complaint anywhere? Surely that’s illegal and also against those guidelines about reporting on mental illness? Is he like ‘Dr’ Phil who is not even a practicing dr or is he actually a practicing dr which is even worse and so unprofessional. Disgusting scumbag. I really want the extent of media manipulation regarding Britney exposed, these ppl need to pay.
  2. Everything about the situation is scary tbh, and I hate how there doesn’t seem to be anyone we can truly trust to be on Britney’s side for her well being. Not to bring up trashing Sam but I wouldn’t trust him, not sure on Lynne she’s been happy enough being silent/complicit all these yrs and the less said on Jamie Lynne the better, on the fence with Bryan. Jamie has been allowed so much power over the yrs he’ll do anything to keep it, the courts have a lot to answer for and it is scary, we just have to keep hoping for the best I guess.
  3. So happy for Britney today! but omfg so furious after the thread from the Gram Girls, Jamie is so fkd up I can’t believe it, attempting to go behind their backs to Bessemer?! Shouldn’t he face consequences for that? What a truly despicable and evil man, just when I thought they can’t stoop any lower. Why do the courts allow this obvious psychopath the power he has? He is the mentally unstable one. That’s most likely how he’s done things during the entire c-ship, tried to manipulate/bribe ppl to do whatever he wants, with Britney’s money. What a sorry excuse this scumbag is. I wish the gram girls would do us a big update ep.
  4. Totally agree, it’s so weird seeing ppl on twitter furiously tweeting Free Britney but then also gushing over the million vinyl copies they’re gonna buy. Didn’t Britney literally write in the leaked Daily Mail letter ‘As long as the money comes in no one will change anything’ or something along those lines? I think we all know if Britney’s name didn’t have the ability to generate millions she wouldn’t be under those constraints that she is. This is not to judge or start fights with ppl buying stuff, I’ve bought some stuff since 2009 and I went to Circus which I now regret giving money to her team. Since the voicemail to the Gram girls I’ve stopped completely, everything just feels icky and supporting her team feels awful. Lucky I’ve just got all her albums on my iTunes, I have accidentally forgotten a few times and watched a video clip on her YouTube channel, I’ve gotta remember 100% not to even do that anymore, don’t want to give her scumbag team even 1 cent.
  5. He’s disgusting. Some friend. Funny enough I reread that infamous 08 Rolling Stone piece on Britney and ‘best friend’ Lance Bass was not mentioned in any capacity as being in her life, another desperate pathetic male inserting himself into her life a la Jason Alexander, Sam Lutfi, the Billy make up dude etc etc it just goes on. It actually makes me sick how much ppl have just taken over her life, speaking over her and inserting themselves into her world. This woman has never been allowed to live on her own terms, I just wish she could be free and get away from all these complete leeches
  6. Some of these posts are so icky and very indicative of what is wrong with stan culture. Y’all don’t get a say in what her body looks like, end of. If her gaining some weight when she’s a mother and near 40 is a deal breaker for you then move on, there are younger, skinnier pop stars out there if that’s all you care about.
  7. Meh interesting how no one cares to talk to BRITNEY about her own situation. Fk you Lance Bass. When I saw the quotes from Mariah Carey recently talking about how she’s been treated like ‘an ATM with a wig’ by her family I immediately thought of Britney and her family, so IDGAF what Jamie Lynne says, I’m glad Mariah could get away from her abusive family, I hope Britney will also one day, and also be able to tell her story like Mariah now can.
  8. Yeah definitely agree I think all the JT stuff did a lot of damage, even though things didn’t hugely go downhill for a few years I think it effected her a lot being sold out like that. She’s definitely been attracted to the trash bad boys in the past, even Colin Farrell is a bad boy type (although not as bad as the others) and yeah that quote from 2007 is very telling! Totally agree, I hope she can get all of this stuff sorted and put behind her and then be able to focus in peace on the boys and her own happiness
  9. Awwww that’s true I never thought of The Notebook like that! And yeah Ryan is always respectful about her and seems like a complete gentleman, they would have been awesome together. I do remember in Through The Storm I’m sure it says something like Lynne went with Britney to see some pastor when she was younger and he said to Lynne Britney would have bad relationships with men if her relationship with Jamie wasn’t fixed or something. Idk if that’s why she’s always gravitated to these a-holes 😩😩 Fred D was revolting in the way he spoke about her after, the sh-t Britney has had to put up with ugh. Lmao at that b’day clip where they don’t even mention Jessica 😂😂 so good! I really hope she finds someone worthy of her one day
  10. I so wish she’d done the Notebook, although I absolutely love Rachel McAdams as well but whenever ppl think of Britney doing it they scoff but I think she would have been really good! I love that clip when Ryan was really nice about her audition ❤️❤️ I think she hooked up with Fred too, he was so hurt and gross about their fallout, he was super obsessive with her! I definitely want her to meet her Chris, or Chris himself preferably 😍😍 and have her freedom 🥰🥰
  11. Ommmmmg ahahahha I’ve never seen that clip before, so cute! Ryan kinda looks like Macaulay Culkin when he was young in this clip LMAO! It did kinda look like Britney was leaving with Jared in that, kinda like those pics when she hooked up with Fred Durst and he was lurking in the background. She would definitely make a super hot couple with Chris Evans 😍😍 Ugh I really need her to write a tell all one day so many stories we don’t know!
  12. Ugh the choices she had and ended up with K-Fed...noooo! I didn’t know that Jared had dated Cameron! Lmao and Britney seen with him when she was with JT, so messy! I forgot about Ryan Gosling as well, they would have been so cute, I always found it funny when JT performed Can’t Stop The Feeling at whatever award show like a year or so ago and as JT walked through the crowd he put his arm around Ryan and Ryan looked unimpressed with him loooool.
  13. If you search WWHL and Tyson it should come up under a clip named ‘Did Tyson date Britney Spears?’ or something like that. Ugh I agree, they would have been so cute. And Heath Ledger liked her as well, I hate how she’s been attracted to the bad boy losers like Kevin when there were way better guys liking her Ugh
  14. He was on Watch What Happens Live and of course Andy Cohen is obsessed with Britney so asked him about her and said something like ‘Who was a bigger diva’ out of Britney and Toni Braxton and he said they were both down to earth, then Andy asked if he dated Britney and he said no and the other guest there jokingly asked if he ‘hit that’ and he seemed quite turned off by the question being vulgar and said no and said ‘If I ‘hit that’ I’d still be with her’ or something like that. He was really sweet, they would have been a hot couple
  15. That was really fkd of him to say she moved away like ‘Get this ‘n word’ away from me’ unless she literally said something like that it’s so fkd of him to say this about her. A woman says no and now she’s a racist, what fkn BS. Also is this around the same time she was looking upset/over it in quite a few interviews - like the interview where the woman asked her for a kiss and Britney acted repulsed (lmaooo) and said no. If ppl just watch that interview they probably think Britney is a rude ***** but I just think around this time she was sick of a lot of things and especially ppl treating her like an object. If these guys just turn up, immediately try to be all over her/grinding with her whatever I don’t blame her that she was over it and didn’t want ppl she doesn’t know all over her. Britney was hooking up with Columbus Short, worked with Tyson and Snoop (Snoop loved her, remember the sweet stuff he said about her in 2011, ugh I love Snoop - and Tyson said if he had ‘hit that’ he’d still be with her, so doubt he’d feel that way about someone racist). Also the bodyguards she’s worked with and the one she stood up for, and in Chaotic they have a super cute relationship and seem pretty good friends (was his name Big Mo or something? The one that didn’t trust Kevin, he had good taste lol). Really unfair of that dude to imply she had a problem with him due to race, maybe he’s just a douche.
  16. Still think her and Heath Ledger would have been the best power couple ever to exist in Hollywood, Brangelina who? So sad it didn’t happen despite his big crush on her.
  17. How the hell can the courts justify what they’ve done, not only Britney had to endure abuse during her childhood from this unstable, violent man but now they expose her sons to the same abuse?! What kind of twisted fkd up sh-t is this?! This is a deeply unwell and twisted man who rules that family with an iron fist, anyone can see that. The courts have A LOT to answer for. Jamie Spears is a fkn curse on Britney, what a truly psychotic and sick individual. I wonder if the altercation with Sean was a punishment to Britney for refusing to work or something.
  18. Definitely, we only know probably the tip of the iceberg where it concerns his hideous, abusive behaviour. I shudder to think about behind the scenes, my heart breaks for Britney - there is absolutely no reason to keep her tied to someone she so adamantly opposes, it’s honestly despicable that something like this can happen to anyone.
  19. The gaslighting from Jamie is so toxic and despicable. I was just listening to some clips floating around on Twitter of Evan Rachel Wood speaking about being abused in a previous relationship (widely thought to be by Marilyn Manson), of course the situation is different between a boyfriend and a father but it goes to show we shouldn't just assume someone could easily walk away because they're rich and famous. She talks about the mental torture and gaslighting he put her through and how he would threaten ppl with force of legal action if they tried to expose him. Ppl saying Britney can just leave that simply are being naive. Jamie has the power of the courts behind him, he has access to all her money while she has nothing and is on the backfoot all the time in the public eye because of 06-08. On top of that all her family seems to support Jamie's actions and not have any problem with what he's doing. We also don't know what the hell she's been through over the past decade, the level of manipulation etc is probably insane, and also probably forced to take medications. Britney is strong af to keep fighting the way she is.
  20. Even if she had issues it’s sooooo clear he is absolutely detrimental to her mental health. With his history he should be under a restraining order to stay away from her, not in control of her. If any person in this situation cared at all about her mental health James would be removed from everything ASAP. He is truly evil.
  21. I knew those instas were deliberate to make her look unstable. I’ve had friend msg me (who are Britney fans but not following free britney closely) saying they think Britney doesn’t look well etc because of those videos. The fact that in that short vid with Sam when she said ‘I didn’t know I had so many moon men’ she sounded completely different, like her old self - not in the sort voice she uses in those insta vids. I don’t understand the whole thing - like are they old vids? Do they manipulate her into making them? But I always thought their purpose was to make her look unstable to the general public. Her father is just unfathomable at this point, despicable excuse for a human. That no one in this family stands up to him to help Britney is a disgrace.
  22. At the end of the day there’s no way you’d speak about a close friend like this. If they even valued Britney as a person there’s no way they’d be talking about her private business like this on a public platform, SMH I liked Lance before but now I think they’re both scum. He’s writing stuff like ‘She forgot her children’ who the hell would write that kind of stuff about their ‘best friend’, I realise it’s not Lance but Lance probably with him or approving all he writes. Lance had absolutely no business saying things like ‘she obviously has problems’ etc - is he her psychologist? Also the husband eventually writes that none of it justified a 12 yr c-ship with no freedoms - WELL THATS OUR ENTIRE POINT! So he’s gone through all this speaking about Britney’s private life to just agree with us. He agreed with a fan who was talking to him reasonably and thanking him for info etc, feels like it’s about his ego. And funny that Lance apparently was around for evvvvverything in 07 but I’ve literally not even seen one pic of him with her during that time lol. Just seems like a butt hurt idiot, if they were really such good friends with Brit they’d just block any fans who insulted them instead of getting in hours long discussing bringing up all her worst moments. Obviously we don’t know what was happening in 07-08, but Britney was estranged from her family and didn’t want to see them - maybe she just didn’t want to associate with anyone from her past? If Lance was her ‘best friend’ who lived next door why didn’t he try to intervene against Sam Lutfi? If my best friend were being controlled by some shady guy I’d at least try to help. Anyway bottom line is it’s wildy fkd up for them to be speaking on such private stuff this way, I feel so bad for Britney that she has had such sh/t ppl in her life all these years who will sell her out without a moment of hesitation.
  23. Lance is her best friend (lmao) then why didn’t he speak out about her doing Circus/going back to work so quick? Johnny Wright did. Serious question, I can barely even remember Britney mentioning Lance in interviews etc so that’s interesting for a ‘best friend’ lol, were they ever that close? I mean I know they are (or were) friends but he sounds like another man exaggerating his importance in Britney’s life, honestly I put him on the same level as Jason Alexander lol. His husband gives me vibes like the Billy make up dude who kept dragging fans/exhale. They’re butthurt ppl dragged them so lashing out, how pathetic they try to discredit Britney because their egos got hurt, pathetic little boys. We all know Britney went through hard times, no one denied that. Doesn’t justify a c-ship 12 yrs later and IF she’s so unwell why does she support the entire family financially? They should be supporting her if she was that unwell. Lance should tell his husband to STFU if he actually cared about Britney, he would put his bruised ego aside, she doesn’t control if fans called Lance a flop and some names yet his husband out here talking **** publicly that can make things worse for her because his feelings got hurt, some ‘friend’.
  24. So they prove the c-ship is all about money, like we didn’t already know. Also that Zone crap was tacky and cheap AF - her career is the last thing I care about in all this but they make everything so cheap and ****, ugly merchandise, tacky **** Zone crap set in an old Kmart, they’re the ones destroying her legacy. Also if any of y’all follow that smug little ****head ‘influencer’ Daniel Preda who used to date Joey Graceffa he was promoting The Zone cos his friends worked on it and when fans pointed out all the dodgy **** to him he was calling everyone delusional and conspiracy theorists. Smug little ****, don’t let ********* like that forget, same with the 2 douchebags who did the Britney podcast, don’t ever support anything they do again, they’re like everyone else - happy to make money off her while she has no choice.
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