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  1. Oh gosh that was absolutely heart breaking to read. Courtney saying ‘She’s fkd for life’ and that it’s one of the worst things she’s seen done to another woman is really too much. Why the fk did someone as pure and kind hearted as Britney get stuck with this lowlife ******* of a father who handed her to these wolves. It makes me sick. All the joy is gone from anything Britney brand related for me, I listened to 30 secs of Matches on a twitter post and I just honestly was like nope, I don’t want to see/know anything about her brand/music, it’s just depressing. I will listen to her old stuff that I have downloaded, not giving her team a cent, to remember better times. I don’t get ppl having streaming parties etc. it’s all so awful. I mean we already knew it’s so bad but those Courtney quotes hit hard.
  2. Can’t believe this experiment stuff, truly fkd up. So Britney was the first person so young to be put in this type of conservatorship, and it sounds like that’s basically because the other one cannot be exploited for money. Truly horrific. I wonder if the ‘experiment’ was meant to be getting other starlets into c-ships? Didn’t Wallet and some others do a seminar or something on getting successful people into c-ship? Does anyone know what I’m talking about, I swear I saw it mentioned either here or on twitter. We know Lou wanted to get Lindsay into one (and even HER parents weren’t awful enough to do it), also tried with Courtney Love etc. So much respect to the Gram Girls and their guests. And I’m excited for their next project, they’re incredible. Totally agree I don’t trust Ingham, but I hope maybe he’ll do the right thing because he’s scared of being exposed with the others.
  3. The most heartbreaking thing is Britney helped Lynne find the courage to leave Jamie and realise she deserved better than his abuse and manipulation (maybe this is one of the reasons why Jamie is so horrific to her?), yet Lynne actually helped Jamie trap Britney for LIFE (literally worse than a prison sentence) in such torturous circumstances. I feel so sad thinking of everything she has endured, her mental strength is amazing. I really hate how her family portrayed themselves as the saviours through the media, they need to be exposed for the atrocities they have committed against Britney and how awful they are.
  4. I want to know if the girl that Britney had the pizza party with is still her fan 😂😂
  5. Lol this reminds me of the ppl who think JK Rowling is the worst person on earth but still want all the Harry Potter merch so they make up loopholes about how it’s not really supporting JK to buy HP stuff, lmao of course she’s getting your money 😂😂 Anyway not interested in starting fights, personally I don’t want anything Britney brand until at least Jamie is gone, preferably until the entire c-ship is dissolved and we could hear her do proper interviews speaking about anything she releases etc, that’s if she even wants to continue. Not even interested in hearing a Glory reject from like 5 yrs ago tbh. All this stuff - The Zone, the $16 vinyl of ONE SONG and now release of this old *** single is such an obvious cash grab because she won’t work. I absolutely won’t support it.
  6. Meh not even interested in listening to it. Britney brand makes me sick.
  7. Ugh, this is probably very accurate. The state of her family is just...beyond my comprehension. I so wish Britney could have gotten away from them like Mariah got away from her toxic family. Money warps ppl.
  8. Totally agree, I can’t wrap my head around it. All the pro c-ship ppl saying ‘Britney might hurt someone or herself’ or stuff like that, but are fine with a proven abuser in charge of her estate? Like wtf. This case shows up so much ***ism, I’ve seen ppl excusing Jamie abusing Sean because he was ‘probably being a brat’ - ppl really think if a man is doing something it must be ok. I dunno wtf is wrong with this judge. Forcing someone to be controlled by the person they’re on the record stating they’re afraid of is like abuse/torture to me. How much would that fk with your head? This system is barbaric and really treating Britney like a piece of property, oh she doesn’t have a husband so I guess they’ll put her father in charge of her. It’s so sick and I feel sad thinking of other ppl suffering abuse in the same system as well.
  9. Just when I think I cannot possibly be anymore disgusted in Jamie Spears...WTF! A racehorse?! This man is beyond contempt. What does that mean? That Britney should be milked for every dollar then taken out to the paddock and shot when she’s no longer of use? That’s how racehorses are treated so...I just cannot wrap my head around how evil this scum bag is and how disgusting her entire family turned out to be, low life ungrateful garbage. Yes I’m glad Lynne is speaking up now but what the actual eff, she should have had restraining orders against this awful man years ago. Britney has had over a decade of her life stolen and who knows what kind of damage as a result of this c-ship and the worst of all missed so much time as a mother. It makes me absolutely sick. The California court system is completely fkd to put an unhinged maniac like James Spears in power of anyone.
  10. ‘And nobody claims the crown without some sacrifice’ is such a damn creepy line
  11. He is such a disgusting POS and a complete liar, if that sort of blogging/‘journalism’ still sold like it did in the 00s he’d still be doing it. Just recently Lauren from 5H talked about how he outed her, so all his stupid bull**** about being changed and wishing he could take it back is complete nonsense. He’s truly a despicable human and I really think he and ppl like Harvey from TMZ should be held responsible for the damage they did to Britney, they did irreparable damage to her reputation which I have no doubt would have been used to get her in c-ship. Trisha Paytas also recently called him out for saying Britney supports ‘The Zone’ and Trisha said she knows for a fact Britney doesn’t run her instagram so Perez was lying. He’s an evil scum bag, loved seeing Mischa B call him out on The Hills reboot recently.
  12. Ugh I really can’t with all this, I can’t think of a single person in her life that hasn’t fkd her over or just been in it for the money when that Maxi person was saying stuff lately and talking how good Sam is and how Sam pays for everything it reminded me of Kevin saying he pays for everything at the start of their relationship - yeah I’m sure they pay for everything with their credit cards linked to Britney’s bank account. So fkd up. I feel so bloody sad thinking about all this and remembering my childhood and Britney’s peak popularity, could never have guessed everything would turn out so bleak, I feel even sadder than in 2007 tbh.
  13. I wonder if we can lodge a complaint anywhere? Surely that’s illegal and also against those guidelines about reporting on mental illness? Is he like ‘Dr’ Phil who is not even a practicing dr or is he actually a practicing dr which is even worse and so unprofessional. Disgusting scumbag. I really want the extent of media manipulation regarding Britney exposed, these ppl need to pay.
  14. Everything about the situation is scary tbh, and I hate how there doesn’t seem to be anyone we can truly trust to be on Britney’s side for her well being. Not to bring up trashing Sam but I wouldn’t trust him, not sure on Lynne she’s been happy enough being silent/complicit all these yrs and the less said on Jamie Lynne the better, on the fence with Bryan. Jamie has been allowed so much power over the yrs he’ll do anything to keep it, the courts have a lot to answer for and it is scary, we just have to keep hoping for the best I guess.
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