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  1. How are you supposed to deal with a person that asks for emotional validation and then gets offended and starts victimizing themselves because you can't give it to them, even though you already told them this in advance? What if this person was also vegan and then complained that you "cross contaminated" the mashed potatoes because you used a clean spoon to put mashed potatoes on the a plate that had turkey, even if it didn't touch the meat, but THEN passive aggressively said that it was okay and acted like they never said anything?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you don't have anything to be thankful for, at least know that you don't have to deal with my relatives. :nyheadache:

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    2. mylonliNESS


      lol... believe it or not... we joke about that here :P I have a cousin who lives in the US (who considers herself American)  ... I just say... Shame on You smh followed by a jk :quirkney:

    3. LostInAnImage


      Some people are simply emotionally shallow, and will always demand that other people accommodate for them in ways whereby they can be made to feel okay, because they are incapable of providing that sense of security for themselves.

      So, they always find some external source to blame their unhappiness on (e.g., having “cross-contaminated” food), because they don’t have the insight to understand that their unhappiness is internal and persistent. Thus, you could cater to these kinds of people endlessly, giving them exactly what they claim they want, and yet they will still find some other reason to complain and continually make you feel as though you’re walking on eggshells around them.

      Short version: some individuals are emotionally stunted and will never change. They are emotionally draining to be around, and there is no point in trying to appease them.

    4. Iced Tea