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  1. well they're both good, but for me the transition into 911 adds something special to the track, it's an iconic moment of chromatica britney's 911 does have rapney though which is like bonus points cause of the flavour
  2. and i kinda love that ANTI really cemented Riri's ability to create a body of work before that she was mostly known as a singles girl even though I'll always go to bat for Rated R and i **** with that 2009 flavour
  3. the 90s girls just had this artistic flavour where you could tell they wrote to make albums and not just individual tracks.. alanis, tori amos, bjork JLP is still an amazing record
  4. yung miami is a ******* icon tho 👁👄👁
  5. not this when u gon pull it slander, she gave us a cultural reset and when we needed her most she vanished favorite: baby boy cuz it gives me that mid 2000s britney flavour that only hardcore stans know about. like the emotional complexity or whateva least favorite: that wretched collab with k-fed
  6. were there any specific examples you thought about when making this post? they might be getting toxic cuz brit's not putting out new music and so they have nothing to talk about. losers r bored it's always when they lose a queen they lose the screws in them heads
  7. i mean what can u say the ***** is killing it personally billie's just not my bag but there seems to be a lot of heart in her music and i can respect that
  8. i would say so, but it's not without its flaws. there's some great material on bionic that is overlooked because of it being labeled a flop. and we britney stans know that feeling especially when the singles from glory didn't smash the way that they absolutely could have birds of prey, stronger than ever, lift me up, elastic love... makes for a very dark album and I love that variety for her catalog. i can understand the gripes people have with it, it requires some editing and it definitely had a gaga feel to it..but you know what? not everyone is going to like that 2010 flavour
  9. hai gurl

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. breaktheiceofmrv

      I'm so sorry i couldn't reply before.It's really hard to do on mobile :surething:  YOU FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL?? :OMGney: :hugs:  We had the best time on that chat room.Ah i'll never forget! 

      I'm so glad to talk to you again.It's like i wanna tell you everything on my mind right now :gloria:

    3. Iced Tea

      it's true we're way past due for a reunion but everyone's on their own path now and the chatrooms kinda died, so :oprah:

      but i hope everything goes well for you! keep me updated b :DD

    4. breaktheiceofmrv

      Stay safe and happy until we talk again honey:imcute: 

  10. hai gurl

    1. Delicious Pork Chops

      hi what's up. 

      It's over isn't it? isn't it? 

    2. Iced Tea

      hows life been for u?? it's been so long :makeitrain:


      you won, and she chose you.. and she loved you and she's gone...

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