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  1. Iced Tea

    "Glitter" is my favorite Mariah album at the moment

    It's actually a really good album. I always thought it got too much hate. that iconic run still gags me to this day
  2. Iced Tea

    music When she gets another number 1 album...

    personally, i love "new Britney". she's clearly in a much better place than she was a few years ago. a lot of fans' expectations of her are somewhat unreasonable. she's proved that she can still have great music videos (Slumber Party and original Make Me video) and she's had some pretty good performances in the past 2 years (BBMAs, ABC's New Years, PoM, iHeart Radio). vocalney is also making a comeback. glory had a lot of potential, and it wasn't a total flop. maybe if Make Me was released with a proper music video instead of that radio disney mess we got, and Slumber Party had better promo, there could have been a third or even fourth single. i mean. all things considered, even 15 years after her prime, Britney is doing well. certainly better than a lot of her contemporaries like Christina or Justin, even some of the top artists now. though i can see where you're coming from also: Britney does not have a "replacement". certainly not Taylor Swift
  3. i think miss jasmine speaks for us all here f**k k-fed