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  1. Just listen to Ariana's Dangerous Woman album and .... sooo good :cinderellaney:. If only if she focused on uptempos and performed/entertain better I would legit become a stan

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    2. ChrisTheLoner


      Dangerous Woman is in my top 3 favorite albums this year tbh, it's Ariana's best work yet :carpoolney:

      My top 3 albums of 2016:

      1.Glory - Britney Spears

      2.Mind of Mine - Zayn

      3.Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande


    3. BritintheZone


      I hate to say this but I am honest and its my opinion ...:embarrassney: I didnt like Zayn album the only songs I liked were pillowtalk and T.iO . :idkney: its too classic r&b and every song sounds similar to the next one. I had a similar experience with Justin's 

      I am sorry:ohnoney:

    4. ChrisTheLoner


      Well everyone has their own tastes and opinions. I respect people who are honest about what they like and what they don't like :verycool: