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  1. #hesnotmypresident 

    1. SlayOut


      Same sis :NYnod: The hate and violence against people of color, Muslims, LGBT, other folks that's occurred nearly 72-96 hours after Trump became president elect is frightening.

      He's not my president either.

    2. mauureee


      Can't believe it tbh! So sad for USA, and the world. 

    3. BritintheZone


      I don't get how stupid USA. Why elected someone that hasn't no political background whatsoever instead of a woman who is educated, been First Lady to a very successful president and Secretary of State ! 

      Why?!? Elected someone who is going to do a 360 to the government now that the government is doing a much better job. :tiffsniffle:

      stupid uneducated racist old white people who going to die in like a couple years :tiffanycries: DONT THEY KNOW THE WORLD IS CHANGING AND SO SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT!!!