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  1. I brought xtina album because I felt bad:cuteidk:

  2. Christina A wtf was that?!?:anxiety: scrap it and fire kanye

    re do it all

  3. I wanted the kenzo hat ! :nydisgust:

    1. mauureee
    2. BritintheZone


      I just finally brought the hat :snarky: am so happy

  4. Call Me By Your Name

    got me like 


    1. mauureee
    2. BritintheZone


      @mauureee  the ending of call me by your name is too sad :kyliecry:

    3. mauureee


      oh I don't know what that is :imok:

  5. Does anyone else like the movie Black Swan? :Lshark: its like my favorite

    1. Itachi


      I like it too. I have a thing for psychological horror films. ;) And Natalie Portman is one of my fave actresses :tiffanynod:

    2. falka


      I did like it, movie had spoken to my emotions :zoomzoom:
      I must see it again, I'm in better place now and it could change my perception of it.

    3. Margaery
  6. They played Make Me at the summer camp that I work at and I was soo happy :ahhh: unfortunately I didnt get to listen to it all cause some girls wanted me to take them to the bathroom :meltdown: 

    1. mauureee


      you go a pee on that tree:bichpls: and lemme listen to my Make Meee :lessons:

  7. This emote is everything :outwithit:

    wheres the video's link?

    1. mauureee


      I am the femme fatale doc

    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      Flop fan TBH How dare you not know the story behind this iconic emote?


    3. BritintheZone
  8. How can you get the Japanese special new version of Glory when you live in Usa? :ponderney:

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    2. BritintheZone


      I should had ! Since the shipping was sooooo expensive but whatever I brought it 

    3. SlayOut


      omg well enjoy sistren! And be sure to upload pics of the album booklet

       Imagine if they had screen captures from the original Make Me video? :meltdown:

    4. Dirty Boy

      Dirty Boy

      Take a cd out of the MP:TGH and shove it into Glory case :moorangu:

  9. Britney was just mention in the reality show The Riveras

  10. I was waiting for the bus stop and this old white guy stops at a red light with his windows down. I think he was listening to the radio (really loud) and toxic was playing. I was soo shocked and happy


    0.5 seconds later 

    he changed the song or radio station 

    1. mauureee


      I'd have screamed something to him :plzexplain: How dare him skip that flawless epic song!?

    2. BritintheZone


      I should had . I was just in shock:weirdmeout: first cause it was on then cause he changed it

  11. I was waiting for the bus stop and this old white guy stops at a red light with his windows down. I think he was listening to the radio (really loud) and toxic was playing. I was soo shocked and happy


    0.5 seconds later 

    he changed the song or radio station 

  12. Does Britney have a stylist? :lostney:

    1. mauureee


      she is her own stylist and make up artist and choreographer. :meltdown:

  13. Dangerous Woman is a amazing album. All the songs seem like songs you can put on while you f**k :haha:




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    2. SlayOut



    3. JustLuvMe


      Thanks, that was so kind of you :crying1:

    4. BritintheZone


      @justluvme your welcome sorry for the kinda shitty quality , it was the best i could do . Especially since i didn't think i was going to:giggleney:

  15. f**k LOVE!

    (feelings right now):  :tifftear::foh::letitburn::bparty:

    1. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      What is this love you speak of? :ponderney:

      I must be really out of the loop or just too ugly to experience this feeling :nyschool:

    2. BritintheZone


      @Iced Tea you dont wanna experience it. Its better to focus on oneself 

  16. Watching the Dream Within A Dream tour dvd on a Friday night is amazing :bparty: wish I was old enough back then to gone

  17. People don't know the word GOODBYE and they say I don't dont how to read :hehehe::blaughing::hehehe::jumpney::uknowit::cuteneylaugh::oknolol:

  18. Just listen to Ariana's Dangerous Woman album and .... sooo good :cinderellaney:. If only if she focused on uptempos and performed/entertain better I would legit become a stan

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    2. ChrisTheLoner


      Dangerous Woman is in my top 3 favorite albums this year tbh, it's Ariana's best work yet :carpoolney:

      My top 3 albums of 2016:

      1.Glory - Britney Spears

      2.Mind of Mine - Zayn

      3.Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande


    3. BritintheZone


      I hate to say this but I am honest and its my opinion ...:embarrassney: I didnt like Zayn album the only songs I liked were pillowtalk and T.iO . :idkney: its too classic r&b and every song sounds similar to the next one. I had a similar experience with Justin's 

      I am sorry:ohnoney:

    4. ChrisTheLoner


      Well everyone has their own tastes and opinions. I respect people who are honest about what they like and what they don't like :verycool:

  19. Why isnt #happybirthdaybritney tending?!?!?:squintney:

  20. #hesnotmypresident 

    1. SlayOut


      Same sis :NYnod: The hate and violence against people of color, Muslims, LGBT, other folks that's occurred nearly 72-96 hours after Trump became president elect is frightening.

      He's not my president either.

    2. mauureee


      Can't believe it tbh! So sad for USA, and the world. 

    3. BritintheZone


      I don't get how stupid USA. Why elected someone that hasn't no political background whatsoever instead of a woman who is educated, been First Lady to a very successful president and Secretary of State ! 

      Why?!? Elected someone who is going to do a 360 to the government now that the government is doing a much better job. :tiffsniffle:

      stupid uneducated racist old white people who going to die in like a couple years :tiffanycries: DONT THEY KNOW THE WORLD IS CHANGING AND SO SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT!!!

  21. There was only 3 copies of Glory in target . The end is really coming :tiffanycries:

    1. Artsy Fartsy

      Artsy Fartsy

      oh no :crying11: I hope there still are copies for sale by the time Slumber Party is released

    2. BritintheZone


      i put them infront of lemonade and joanne:cuteidk:

  22. I can't with Mood Ring :nyheadache: I tried but I can't :cricket:

  23. Who still plays miss American dream?

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    2. Artsy Fartsy

      Artsy Fartsy

      I stopped playing because my game had a bug that Anne would keep calling me everytime I went to another scenario, then I sent the support a message, they said they would fix it but they didn't, so I just uninstalled it :bcutelaugh: I played it for a while (got to A-list and was top 50 on player rankings (not songs chart)), it really gets boring once you reach A-list

    3. Isla.


      @BritintheZone I know right this game had so much potential and they've pulled the plug on it. It's like that don't care about us :sickofu:

      @Artsy Fartsy that glitch happened to me as well but they fixed it lol. There was another glitch that happened to some people the developers couldn't fix (that's what i read anyway) and that's why they've stopped supporting the game. Tragic :britdrown:

    4. Looukas


      I have only played it to see the Make Me alternative version and it wasn't even there. :ricackle:

  24. I want to hear Joanne so bad but i dont want to give her streams. Just curious 

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    2. KW.



      I am listening to it now. And 50% of the songs are fine.. the rest not so much. 2-3 are good. 

      It turns out Perfect Illusion is actually one of the better songs in it :drown:

    3. PokemonSpears


      I finally listened to it. The first few songs, I was like :sofedup:

      Joanne was kinda, not so bad, but very boring. Yeah, I get the influence of that classic sound, but with Lady Gaga's voice, I don't know, it doesn't feel right.

      Dancin' in Circles was almost good. Sinner's Prayer was ok. :mhm: Come to Mama was actually one of the best, until it reached that point when I suddenly were like "ok, it's enough, is this thing ever gonna end? :wontcry:"

      Hey Girl, THE MOST OBNOXIOUS SONG I'VE EVER HEARD. I mean, I don't know what happens, they sing good, but, ugh :ugh: It's not a proper sample, but it screams Bennie and the Jets all over it, and that song was obnoxious enough, it didn't need Gaga to make it even worse :donewithit:

      Angel Down was a good attempt, but that's it. Just Another Day, I remember I found it fine, but I've already forgotten it by now, so surely it wasn't that memorable.


      When Lady Gaga came out, I never really liked her, until Paparazzi I think, because of SNL performance I believe. Then I liked Bad Romance, mainly because of the video. Telephone, Alejandro, were like uhmm... But then Born This Way, I think it was really, really good. In 2011, I remember listening to Femme Fatale and Born This Way, all of the tracks, almost every day. Bad Kids was my favorite :P But I think the last time I listened to that album was in 2012, and I've never had a craving for any of the songs. In 2013, I decided to give Artpop a shot, but that was very strange. I liked Gypsy. I skipped that jazz thing, and now I decided to give it chance to this album, but I doubt I'll ever listen to it again.

    4. BritintheZone


      I finally listen to the itunes previews and youtube reviews , it seems like half of the album is good. I loved John Wayne and Dancin' in circles