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  1. where the ballers at?

    event i've reached a point in life where i deadass know someone with a copy of rebellion

    lmao dickhead. I literally made this remake audio myself in 2016. My friend's since done it a couple months ago with cleaner rips of the source material. Matter of fact the updated version is on this loser's channel as well. You can tell cause he titled it "Remake 6". This audio was "Remake 3". as for why i made this post, it's cause i'm f**king mad as hell. i'm part of a group of 3 people that's been looking for nsync debut instrumentals for almost 5 years. i've been traveling places IN REAL LIFE trying to get them, and it's led me across someone who has a bootleg copy CD-R of one of the Blackout pre-release demo CD's with Rebellion on it. There's a reason this sh!t hasn't leaked: there's legit scare tactics around releasing it. I'm not about to risk the professional industry reputation of someone I met in real life just to leak some overrated ass decade old unreleased garbage like Rebellion. Could I leak it? yeah, but i'd have to steal the CD from him or rip the file off his PC. i don't have the song. if other stuff was on that disc as well like Tearin' Up My Heart or Can't Make You Love Me instrumental, I might do some sus ass sh!t like that, but for a song i don't even f**kin' like that's ludicrous. Really I posted this cause I'm pissed I found YOUR sh!t before I found MY sh!t. Someone said if i'm not gonna leak it then leave. I had no intention of staying anyway... check my post history lmao. you guys don't appreciate REAL MUSIC like For The Girl Who Has Everything (any of y'all even heard that sh!t???) ... not to mention the multitude of good Swedish music such as Tell Me What You Like or To Love Once Again y'all skipped over cause "I Don't Recognize The Singer" Who the f**k cares! It's Kristian f**king Lundin who wrote it! If you liked BTMYH, there's at least 60 percent chance the song will seem really good to you if he's on it, but nooooooooo. Y'all spent the last decade circle jerking yourself into believing that some dumbass song written by a dead guy that damn near nobody ever heard of before the song snippet was posted or since is the best f**king thing ever made. I'M DONE If someone finds me a guy that can sell me the full nsync debut, coast to coast, or oops album instrumentals I promise to personally steal and post Rebellion... if not, best look elsewhere. It's not by any means easy to get but it ain't the hardest thing in the world to find, it's just that by the time you're deep in the game enough to track it down it's not worth ruining your connection to leak it. I'm sure at least 100 other people have found someone with it besides me and came to the same conclusion. this has been drunk me, signing off. if i ever come back to this place, it's cause one of you guys found some REAL sh!t that's actually worth my money
  2. and yet i can't find ONE f**king INSTRUMENTAL from the NSYNC DEBUT ALBUM !!!!! this is so sad, google home play despacito 3