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  1. All the Brittards in here saying how it’s not a big deal etc. However if it’s not such a big deal why can’t y’all get any of Britney albums to top the iTunes chart? 🙄 Y'all couldn’t even get Glory to hit no.1 opening wk. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. Ohmg how I would love if this is true!! I been waiting on this since Circus tbh.
  3. I actually have a shower playlist and it's whatever Brit songs I'm feeling the most at that time.
  4. In a perfect world Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Max Martin and Pharrell would be apart of B10! I remember Pharrell saying that he wanted to EP Britney Jean. Britney works really good with all those producers and they all are behind her biggest most iconic hits! I also wouldn't mind Dj Mustard either. I love Britney but the music isn't her problem. She has got to work on her performance skills, she's capable of so much more. She could also use a Drake or Cardi B feature too guarantee a Top 10 debut single & help launch the album as both are HUGE streaming forces.
  5. She Madge, G Eazy, Pharrell, Nicki, Fabolous and Lil' Kim all had great chemistry with Brit! Her and Eazy really had great chemistry even on stage! She needs a artist to give her a extra boost to get the GP back interested in her ... which they haven't been since 2013 Scream and Shout. Then after that when there is demand she can be solo. Britney really needs a SMASH and a reinvention more than ever right now!
  6. Hopefully before, I mean that would be the most logical thing to do! Also Brit needs a SMASH and it needs to feature a popular rapper (I know I know but Hip Hop/Rap is the most popular genre here in the U.S in 2018)someone like Drake or Cardi B that can bring something to the table and NOT no damn Tinashe either. I actually wouldn't mind Brit and G Eazy teaming up again because the chemistry was there and he has gotten better lyrically speaking too but I rather her do something she's never done before.
  7. How much is a M&G ticket? U only get 20 seconds? LOL
  8. Yea hopefully and her 20th anniversary is coming up and I'm curious to see what she does!
  9. Like seriously I haven't been on here in a while been busy dealing with LIFE and being adult (Which I absolutely hate) anyway can someone inform me is she recording is anything going on besides the Tour this summer which I will be going too in A.C I'm soooo out of the loot Thanks in advance!
  10. I hear U should never meet your idols (I don't have idols but I do adore Britney) and I seen her in concert 2004/2011 and that was good enough! Don't get me wrong I would love to see her in concert again but I don't have to meet her personally Mariah is another too I don't want to meet them in a M&G ... if it happens naturally like out in NYC or L.A that'll be FAB but (That's how I met Janet Jackson in NYC in 2006)
  11. I can understand why some artists can't stand touring 1st the schedule is insane & it's not good on your body either, you in a different city and time zone every other day, U away from your family and friends and now U have crazy *** people shooting and bombing these concerts on top of all that ... it's crazy I would hate it too MJ also hated interviews and didn't do them for 13 yrs and that was during the 80s when he was HUGE
  12. Circus Womanizer Amnesia Kill The Lights Shattered Glass If U Seek Amy Blur Unusual You Mannequin Trouble Lace & Leather Telephone FT Beyonce Quicksand Circus tbh has the BEST bonus tracks!
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