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  1. lady gaga grace jones6

    Shots fired!

    At one point, not so long ago, Lady Gaga was singing the praises of one of her greatest inspirations - Grace Jones. Now, however, it appears as though the feeling definitely wasn't mutual as the multi-talented singer, lyricist, supermodel and actress goes on the record to share her thoughts on meeting Gaga for the first time.

    During a recent SiriusXM radio interview, Jones discussed her recent memoir (titled: I'll Never Write My Memoir), current pop-stars, and, of course, Lady Gaga. "Gaga came to me, and I just could not find a soul," she said, "“I come from church—maybe that has something to do with it. I like to get to the soul of a person. I just didn’t feel a soul.” Jones quickly backtracks and admits that she doesn't think Gaga is truly "soulless", but that her soulless-demeanor was probably just a result of being starstruck. She went on to say, "Not that it's not there, but she could have been freaked out with meeting me; she could've hid it. (laughs)...This happens, it's okay."

    As the interview continues, Jones clarifies that her distaste for Gaga was only intensified when she discovered their mutual love for Philip Treacy head-wear and Gaga's seemingly "copy-cat" fashion statements. While Jones was sporting the avant-garde designer's pieces on tour, she discovered that Gaga had also taken a liking to some questionably similar looks. "Boy, I got so angry," she says, "I know Philip needed to make some money, but you know what, can you just wait until I finish my tour before you repeat what we are working on?" The host jumps in to add, "But here's the thing about this, Miss Grace Jones, she cannot hula-hoop while singing." To which Jones replied, "I'll bet you she's rehearsing right now!"

    Listen to the full interview below:

    What do YOU think? Copycat behavior or innocent, artistic homage?

    Share your thoughts in Exhale!


  2. 1442445743187

    Could there be a Drake/Lorde collab in the works?

    There's nothing more exciting than the possibility of two music heavy-weights collaborating, making magic in the studio, and gifting us with our next melodic obsession. Sometimes we get a little TOO excited when our favorite artists take to social media to tease us with whatever they may (or may not) be working on.

    Drake appeared to be doing just that when he posted this to Instagram:

  3. justin-timberlake-gay-award-glsen

    Justin Timberlake and wife, Jessica Biel, are inspiring to the LGBT community!

    Apparently the power couple, who became parents to son, Silas, back in April, made such an incredible impact on the LGBT community that GLSEN - The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network - has decided to honor them with the Inspiration Award at the upcoming GLSEN Respect Awards, which will be held in Los Angeles on Friday, October 23.

    Check out this quote from the official press release on the GLSEN website:

    “We are thrilled to announce the honorees for the 2015 GLSEN Respect Awards - Los Angeles, two vocal and committed allies to the LGBT community who are also devoted to charitable works that improve the lives of youth,” said GLSEN Executive Director Dr. Eliza Byard. "Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have consistently been visible and committed allies. We are also happy to welcome back past honorees Bob Greenblatt, Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak, and Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. We are inspired and honored by their continued leadership and support for the GLSEN Respect Awards.”

    Although we aren't completely aware of any highly visible work that JT and Jessica have done for the LGBT community, the issue still stands that in this day and age it is a necessity for those in power to become a voice for those who may not have one. It's very important for someone like JT to use his platform for a positive cause and to add to the work that so many others have already done. Perhaps this Inspiration Award will be an inspiration for JT and Jessica to take the opportunity to become more visible with their work for the LGBT community.

    For now, though, we have no complaints!


  4. Little Mix Pixlr

    Perrie Edwards reached "The End" of her rope as she broke down during a livestream performance with Little Mix.

    In the weeks following her breakup with ex-fiance Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards has remained strong in the public eye... until now. During a "Today Show" livestream performance celebrating the band's 4 year anniversary, Little Mix's new song "The End", from their upcoming album Get Weird, appeared to be too much for Edwards as she broke down in tears while singing the lyrics, "And no one can love you, the way I used to do."

    Edwards' bandmates all rushed in to comfort the heartbroken singer as the audience could be heard chanting, "We love you Perrie!" Without alluding to any of Edwards' recent relationship drama, fellow bandmate, Jesy Nelson, addressed the audience by saying, "It's been a long day and we've had no sleep, so I think this is why this happened."

    Catch the heart-wrenching moment here:

    Edwards' on-stage breakdown is the latest event in what has become a very messy, and very public, breakup. Just last weekend, Malik threw some not-so-subtle Twitter shade towards Little Mix.

    It's definitely going to take more than just a little "Black Magic" to settle the score between these two feuding exes!

    The girls also performed "Black Magic" on the TODAY show on Wednesday (Aug. 19). No tears involved.