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  1. Just stop They literally said that they were going on hiatus until the next court date so they could also work on their secret project plus they too were part of the actual case itself in case you forgot Trust me, they will come back
  2. The reception has been actually INSANE I absolutely didn't expect people still cared about her and even though I feel a great deal of them are making fun of her or being sarcastic they still are bringing attention to her and her case nonetheless Just look at the numbers, the original video on Twitter has nearly 8 million views too
  3. Yes. She first recorded the song with Full Force but it was quickly discarded because it sounded too soulful Then she re-recorded it with Eric Foster White because Jive had plans to release it as her first single before eventually Sometimes and ...Baby One More Time were recorded Ultimately the song was meant to appear as the final track on the album but it was replaced with The Beat Goes On
  4. The final version has a slightly higher pitch and her vocals are much more edited in comparison
  5. The unmastered version doesn't feature certain sound effects present in the final version and it's also noticeably louder
  6. Do you still have that tracklist? I honestly had no idea about this Apparently the original European tracklist looked like this before it was changed at the very last minute 01 Me Against the Music 02 Breathe on Me* 03 Showdown 04 (I Got That) Boom Boom* 05 Early Mornin' 06 Toxic 07 Outrageous 08 Touch of My Hand 09 The Hook Up 10 Shadow 11 Brave New Girl 12 Everytime 13 Me Against The Music (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix) 14 Chaotic* Other bonus tracks contenders were Girls & Boys and Crazy Girl -- which might have also been planned for the cancelled re-release too Also MTV first reported that she had co-written seven songs on the album instead of eight which means that one track nearly didn't make the cut
  7. Myah only signed up to do background vocals, RCA then used them as the lead vocals on most songs without her consent because Britney couldn't or wouldn't do it That's why she always mentions strictly doing the background vocals
  8. You see people talk so much **** about you yet they don't even know all that you have done for this fanbase Thanks for actually reading this
  9. On March 25, 2019 Jordan replied to a post on the Otis Redding Tribute thread and confirmed that he had leaked everything except for some demos including Lights Out A whole year has passed and we still don't have the damn song I did some research and I'm convinced that this is the song he was talking about as it was written by Kara DioGuardi and it was produced by J.R. Rotem just like the rest of the songs that Jordan leaked (Crucified, Just Let Me Go & 911) I won't stop until we get at least a snippet of this demo Literally now is the perfect time to leak it since Britney Online are going to spend the entire week posting stuff anyway @Jordan Miller Just send the file to them and we won't try to cancel you anymore... for now
  10. Big thanks to @CJMCH and everyone over at Britney Online & Britney Spears Media for all of these amazing content
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