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  1. 6 minutes ago, YouFoundAmy said:

    I don't think it's fair for people to quit on her over this video situation I'm telling you I don't think we are missing much again just my opinion but there's so many other positive things happening that I think we should all focus on. We're getting a live Festival performance probably carpool karaoke possibly VMAs but most importantly we have some of the best music we've had in over a decade. I mean let's hang in there and ride this out hopefully it won't be the last video of the album and we can get past this.

    i'll never quit on her just for one video that i don't like :orangu: that'd be like not caring at all of she has done since now so yeah that'd be stupid :dontlike:

    with the "i'm so done rn tbh, that's just like tmth " i was referring to my day tho :britwtf3: 

  2. 1 minute ago, YouFoundAmy said:

    Yeah that was definitely the worst part for me too. I totally didn't even I have one moment of watching that video where I was like oh my God I wish they released this. She looked hot don't get me wrong butt I didn't get it for one second. Like I didn't understand what they were trying to say with that video.

    I was on my Twitter feed  reading through replies after searching#Make me video. Within a thread I was reading someone had posted a link, no words. I clicked it and it took me to vimeo. And that's where there was a full minute 30 second clip and it wasn't with any cutscenes or stuff that we had seen already it was seamless. The rumors about her pushing a television out of the window and killing a guy in the pool are true. She was in a bedroom with guys watching TV  and she then grabs the TV pushes it out the window  it goes into the pool and cuts to a dead guy floating in it . there was also a leopard walking through a room by itself Britney was in the red suit thing it wasn't really a glitter suit as far as I could tell, in the cage in a pool, the G-Eazy POV sex scene was so cringe-worthy and that was also obviously true. It was  strange, it didn't make any sense to  She looked beautiful but it was really honestly trashy looking. That's just my personal opinion. And even if any of these rumors that they are still going to the release that are true, I will still stand by what I say. It's just my opinion I didn't like it whatsoever

    Yeah it was really super bad like worse than I thought because he was doing the thrusting motions and she was choking him if it was Britney herself, her  hand reaching up was like choking G eazy's throat and grabbing at him and he had his greasy hair flopping around and a wife beater/shirt still on. And even though the camera shot was above the waist you could tell that he was like unbuttoning his pants taking his d*ck out and then getting on top of her It's like all he did was go through the motions of rapping  laying on top of someone it was bad LOL

    yeah found it on instagram... i actually don't know what to think i liked but i wasn't really like WOW, but i'd have to see the whole thing in hd to  judge so i'll shut my mouth and yeah dk whatever :4music1:

  3. 30 minutes ago, YouFoundAmy said:

    I honestly can't believe it has anything to do with it being too sexy. It's not like she didn't release a video filled with sex. That whole video is about her auditioning guys to go fu@k her for Christ's sake she's making out with a stranger in it. She's barely wearing anything she's moving sexier than we've seen her in a video in a long long time so it had to have been something else in my opinion. I saw the minute and 30 seconds and I just think it looks like a trashy nonsensical mess and the G Eazy scene was so cringe-worthy

    Where did you find the video tho? :nervousney: