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  1. I would love it! I feel like that is something team B would definitely do, release old material now that she isn't making anything new. They need to get all the dollars they possibly can. It would also be a way for them to smooth things out with the fans.
  2. Well tecnichally, Britney isn't "with us". She is a shell of her former self.
  3. I love these: Circus photoshoot Radiance Perfume Shoot Onyx Hotel Tour Tourbook and Eveytime single cover Photoshoot
  4. Mariah being the most famous born in 1970, but it says "She could be born in 1969"
  5. 8 editions?! If you buy both CD and Vinyl that is 16! Her fans are gonna be broke
  6. Janet. She even mentioned Janet in that leaked letter she gave to that dude working on For the Record.
  7. If she wants to retire, good for her, she deserves it. I don't care if she never releases new music again, she has a ton of unreleased material that her team can release over the coming years, but she doens't have to record anymore. Everything since Circus has been soulless and forced, why would we want more of that? And if she wants to come back, she shohld be allowed to do the album she wants to, no mainstream crap. She has talked a lot about an urban album, maybe one day she will have the freedom to actually do it.
  8. I was thinking about this too! It's actually really clever. However, why do I feel like other celebs are afraid to talk about it. Has any of them responded? They run in the same circles, maybe they have overheard something that we don't know. Every industry has things that everyone knows but nobody talks about.
  9. She can still dance, this proves it. I guess her lazy performances are some sort of protest to her handlers.
  10. The sad thing is, there isn't much we can do. We aren't in her life. We can sign petitions and share news, but ultimately, we really don't have much influence over these greedy people. We need to get more powerful people involved, such as lawyers and other celebs.
  11. They have controlled her for over a decade. I can bet they have told her that she can't see her kids if she doesn't follow their rules. She is not gonna risk missing out on her kids lives more than she already is. Most likely, she will wait until her kids are 18, then she has nothing to lose. (Unless the kids are signed to some sort of contract aswell)
  12. I get you, but saying "let her ******* live her life" is ridicilous since we all know she can't live her life. She has 0% control over her own life. We shouldn't speculate about her medication tho, that is personal to her. Doesn it seem shady? Yes. Is it our business? No. What we need to concentrate on is to keep the #FreeBritney movement going. She needs her freedom.
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