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  1. think of me & physical attraction!! i’m super inspired by that sound right now while making my music ❤️❤️
  2. I think a lot of people underestimate the power Britney still has. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic performers of all time... and people recognize this. I think she’s easily gonna be able to get a number 1 with this next record, especially since her OG fan base is going through that ‘nostalgia’ period now.
  3. I think this is the old listing from when the album initially came out in 2016. If you look at the reviews they’re all from the past few years. Hoping we get the new cover for the rerelease tho 🤞
  4. Exactly!! I hope Kim ends up getting more mainstream she totally has the talent to back it up
  5. I’m interested! I can trade you for some Britney items if you’d be interested, I have a few Madonna things too! :p
  6. A lot of artists (Charli XCX, Slayyyter, Kim Petras) are embracing a very hyper pop sound/aesthetic that I personally LOVE How do you guys feel about this sound? I wanna hear Brit do this sound SOO bad it would fit her so well.
  7. I was going through the record store day releases for this year and I was shocked to see Britney has one! https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/11963 kinda a weird release imo . It’s just a few remixes of oops and the B-Sides from all the singles released. Either way take my money team B edit: there’s remixes of oops, stronger, lucky, & dlmbtltk not just oops!
  8. Def go with Slumber Party or Love Me Down because they will make you have a meltdown from start to finish. But you'll end up having a meltdown no matter what song you start with tbh. I'm ngl I cried during every song.
  9. LOVE ME DOWN by FAAAAAAR is my favorite. The beat is so hot. Epitome of a bop tbh. In all honesty, I actually love EVERY song on this album. I think its equal with blackout ngl
  10. Beyonce is a totally different artist than Britney is. Why would ANYONE be worried about this????
  11. Has anyone read the booklet yet? Does danja show up on this album because I need to know And sorry if there's threads where people have asked this or posted the booklet but im too afriad to other enter threads because I don't want huge spoilers.
  12. Please find someone else to Stan... Over the past few days I have seen the most disgusting things said about britney from so called "fans". I have seen people find new things to complain about every 30 seconds on this site. You don't like her album cover, you don't like her music video, you don't like "make me", you don't like "private show", you don't like ******* anything. Some of you claim to be her biggest fans.. but in actulaity, YOU are her biggest haters. Over the past few days I have seen this woman being torn to PIECES by people who call themselves fans just because they didn't like something. As fans, aren't we supposed to overlook the bad and only see the good in her? Half of you are supporting and even starting the backlash on her.. How do you think she feels about all of this? And to all of you starting petitions and ****, think about how she feels about her FANS going against her. This hate isn't gonna do any good. You are all honestly destroying her right now, and then when she finally gives up you are all gonna blame her when it's not her fault.. it's gonna be your's. There is truly no pleasing some of you. What did britney do to deserve this?
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