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  1. Brichney.

    Beyonce Sets Sights On A Solo Stadium Tour

    Does she ever get tired of sucking money off of their money?
  2. Brichney.

    other Setlist for Europe tour

    "Me Against The Music" "Womanizer" "Break the Ice" "Piece of Me" "Radar" (Interlude) "Overprotected" "Lonely" "Gimme More" "Everytime" "...Baby One More Time" "Oops!... I Did It Again" "Scream & Shout" (Interlude) "My Prerogative" "Work It" / "Get Ur Freak On" / "WTF (Where They From)" (Dance Interlude) "...Make Me" "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" (Interlude) "I'm a Slave 4 U" "Freakshow" "Do Somethin'" "Circus" "(To Love) Let Go" "Breathe on Me" "Touch of My Hand" "Toxic" "Stronger" "(You Drive Me) Crazy" "Till the World Ends"
  3. I'm saying artist, not performer. I've seen her live and she's not the best live act but she's a great artist. Dare I say, the greatest artist. She's a songwriter, she writes the best, most lyrical words (her texts are of substance and make you smarter because she uses a wide variety of vocabulary) and on top of that, she is an amazing vocalist. She always has the most original, best album covers. Amazing and tasteful albums. Simply a stunning artist. Timeless. She sings about love. Heartbreak. Pain. Loss. Struggle. All so amazingly written and sung with much class. Some of my favorite Mariah songs are: Reflections Twister Through The Rain The One You Got Me I Only Wanted Petals Looking In Melt Away The Roof And many more. I always say Mariah's best songs are her non-singles.
  4. End of Samney? Oh no, honey. She'll not keep jumping from one man to another like that, is she? I hope not. STDs, girl, STDs.
  5. That big ass catalog can make you afford to do so, right? Like, a part of the show where she would perform different songs each time, for instance today it would be "Lonely," the next show it would be "Born To Make You Happy" or "To Love Let Go" ... just to surprise the fans. But oh well, I'm not Britney, so let's just stick to the same show for 5 years and then add "Clumsy" to change things up.
  6. Brichney.

    other Make Me played on love island

  7. Higher than Drake There are only like 4 women there.
  8. Brichney.

    music Mariah songs that can relate to Britneys life

    Definitely "Looking In"
  9. Britney does NOTHING for the fans lmao, everything she does is for herself, her boys, her team.
  10. INSTEAD of covering other people's songs how about she performs hers?
  11. it's so f**king annoying how little effort she has to pull; sooooooooo annoying, I mean it was cute for the first two years, now it's getting old and tired
  12. I have tried Believe, Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Island Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, Radiance and, Curious. All are feminine.
  13. Every time you're sad and broke, remember whoever wrote these lyrics got paid money to do so. Now go ahead and be depressed for good.
  14. Brichney.

    music "Mmm Papi, Mmm Papi, Mmm Papi, Mmm Luvi"

    Exactly. It's so cringy! I can picture Trisha having a mukbang with food that could nourish an entire town saying "ohai you guize, go get my new album that features Clumsy and Mmm Papi while I stuff my face on camera"
  15. Brichney.

    music "Mmm Papi, Mmm Papi, Mmm Papi, Mmm Luvi"

    oh, she did? brinty, hunty gorl
  16. Brichney.

    Mariah Carey is the greatest artist of all time!

    hater, wtf? who would pick that one hit person over a legendary icon?
  17. Brichney.

    socialney positive thread.....Britney's laugh

    Britney's old laugh when she wasn't awkward was everything!