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  1. Brichney.

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    She looks amazing on the IG post
  2. Britney covered her song on IG! RIP, Queen.
  3. Brichney.

    other Britney MIC FEED - Apple Music Festival

    slay them 5 words, kween
  4. pretty sure this was during 3
  5. LMAO. Why was she so pissed off?
  6. Brichney.

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    she took out SP and kept Clumsy? lmao
  7. REALLY? WTF, isn't she twice his age? That's pedophilia!
  8. Brichney.

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    yas daddy, yas Sam
  9. Brichney.

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    She's so f**king full of herself. Sooooooooooo f**king arrogant. f**k off
  10. Brichney.

    ENews: Will Justin Discuss Britney in His New Book?

    When you're in an abusive relationship (emotional abuse is abuse), and you're twenty, you're likely to act stupid as an act of rebellion, claiming oneself back. I judge her now, I'm almost over her tbh, but she's the victim here, let's remind ourselves of that. Victimizing the victim will only make it worse.
  11. Brichney.

    ENews: Will Justin Discuss Britney in His New Book?

    yeah, not a big deal to him... selfish motherfucker
  12. I was a fan for YEARS. I never felt this way about Britney, ever. I'm literally giving up on her. I was watching her Berlin video and thinking to myself "how the hell did that once motivated, gorgeous and talented girl get here? What happened to that stunning person to become like this? It's so tragic. What could've caused this?" Britney is not lazy you all, she's damaged from past traumatic events. She was the biggest star in the world. She single-handedly ruled pop culture. Each one of her outfits was headline news. Each one of her appearances was a pop culture event. She sold records and actually seemed to enjoy what she was doing. He, on the other hand, was just her boyfriend from NSync. Him doing her wrong publicly (regardless of what happened between them privately) caused her downfall. She lost herself when she lost him. I know heartbreak. It's painful. You get physically sick when you're heartbroken. That's how painful it is. Imagine dealing with heartache and the world is watching and judging. When your ex-love, what you thought was the man of your life, is doing interviews using your lost love to his advantage (making it the theme of his album), that's emotional abuse. It wasn't like he was having a cathartic moment as a man or as an artist, he was literally following a well-planned out commercial strategy. Awful. That's literal abuse. He used her, and it was with the help of their record label at the time. Jive records contributed to that. They don't care about her or him, they care about record sales, and that was a good opportunity to sell records. The problem is that he signed up for that. He agreed. The media is not independent you all. I have a friend in the business that once told me, the celebrity's PR is mostly responsible for what is being said in the media about whoever is making headlines. They control the image of their celebrity. So, the "cheating" rumors happening at the same time as his album's release and the video of CMAR were not that innocent. I will never, ever forgive him for what he has done to her. She is who she is now because of that. She is the insecure and anxious woman that many of us (including me) are complaining about because of the damages he caused to her, it's not like he just hurt her, he continuously did so, and benefited from it. Many say K-Fed hurt her the most, I beg to differ. K-Fed just didn't have the media on his side and was painted as such. That being said, he also took advantage of her, but the harm that's been caused by Justin had been the worst, with the most consequences. PS: I know they've "moved on," blablabla but this needs to be said because the motherfucker has gotten away with everything.
  13. Will he mention how he made a bargain with Jive to sell her out for a career?