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  1. Firstly, we should not give their articles on Britney any clicks. We are giving them thousands each time we do and they are always the same lying garbage. Instead lets trend #tmzisoverparty and just spread the word on social media that they report lies (especially about Britney) as they are nothing but a crappy tabloid.
  2. Respectfully that is not the message here at all: that Britney is ok with the conservatorship. It is clearly a first step effort to get rid of it. First by getting rid of that leach that is her father, and then when he is gone and there is an actual independent conservator that can see she doesn't need these extreme legal constraints she will be unopposed when she apploes to get rid of it and replaces it with a support system customized to what she needs. It is nonsensical to think she would try to get out of it when her father is still in power
  3. I think 10 out of 10, because (as one of your first actions as trustee for part of Britney's money) to hire the very demon that imprisoned your sister in a conservatorship (Loucifer) to manage/account her money is just too evil. There is no other explanation for me. We know the whole family knows Britney wants out of it and we know Loucifer was the mastermind as confirmed by Lynne's book. Jamie Lynne really is as petty and jealous as we all suspected. Either that or she is totally brainwashed by Loucifer, which is no excuse either since her sister should matter more than anything else. Especially given how much Britney has done for her and how much she loved her. Well Jamie Lynn, the law will come bite you in the @ss if you don't get on the right side of this battle asap.
  4. Loool I love it. I don't like him. Still think he is a parasite but I hope he sues her since she is lying and instigating a lawsuit
  5. If you want some proof that Loucifer runs Britney's accounts use this... https://m.facebook.com/britneyspears/posts/10156136523098234
  6. You should see the comments this account was posting under that freebritneyla video. It more than likely was someone related to Loucifer or her business. I think it is beyond just speculation. And I agree about sticking to the facts, but this sort of stuff just motivates me to keep fighting the good fight. Loucifer and her minions are evil.
  7. so infuriating. That woman is pure evil This is from the same insta account that was trying to defend Loucifer and her business as it it wasn't herself... The comments from that account are in this video. Loucifer is taunting us by using the dame flower, Britney's tattoo and the color yellow. Let's use our rage to focus us even more on spreading the word of what she is doing to Britney. Post on social media and tag the media, her clients etc. Let her be known as an lgbt abuser and corrupt woman that drained Britney's charity and funneled that money to her ministries of torture.
  8. feo


    Yes to be clear they weren't bashing you @Jordan Miller. They were just surprised they did not hear back from you. They said they reached out to you through private messaging. But they were polite and said they were thankful to all supporters and I'm pretty sure they mentioned you as well. So don't take it as something to ruin your day. It wasn't some b*itchy shading. Just think of it as something to consider, but it is nice to hear you responding to this and confirming that without a doubt you are on Britney's side.
  9. feo


    I agree it is a completely voluntary thing, though I think a lot of us exhalers would like to see him there representing us that can't make it. There were a lot of hearings before the pandemic too so it is not likely due to the pandemic. From what I have seen Jordan is eloquent and has a story to tell since Britney's crazy father threatened him personally for his remarks (which not only shows team CONservatorship's style, but also demonstrates that that man in emotionally unstable and in no way fit to care for another). But again, I am sure Jordan does a lot behind the scenes so this isn't shade.
  10. That is not what it says. In fact, we are not able to hear from Britney directly because this sketchy lawyer is doing all the speaking for her, but even that sketchy lawyer knows the jig is up and he has to start actually voicing what she wants. They are starting little by little, and with this they are asking that she be able to appoint her own lawyer to contest this. This is AMAZING news and confirms what we already know: Britney wants out of this, and thanks to this fan-led movement we are getting her closer to that. It is still a process that needs to go through steps and will not be instant, but at least it is starting! Loucifer better just leave before she makes it worse for herself. She needs to pull an Andrew Wallet..
  11. For some reason my brain started going in this direction after it thought of renaming Lance *******, so here we go. Here are some current and former members of team conservatorship that might deserve some renaming: 1. Starting with Lamie 'Colon' Spears (Jamie) 2. Loucifer is perfection so that one should not be touched 3. Lamie Lymp Careers (JL) 4. Lyin' Spears (Brian) 5. Larry Rudolph-the-red-nosed-lizard Anyone got any others? lol
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