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  1. I'm with you. It's all very sad and at this point I am concerned. Something is not right. I'm worried.
  2. Why is this necessary? Why is another man speaking on her behalf? So it's not Jason, Jamie, Larry, now it's Sam? What even is this?
  3. No. I'm sorry I respect their opinion but I personally disagree, there is no way this woman is anything like 2001 Britney that's nuts. This is not quirky this is strange at this point. The runways are quirky, fun Brit(although the music list one was a bit odd) even the random funny faces pics. but there is definitely a tone in her voice, and a tiredness in her face. Looking back at December post and now...well they sure you see at least some of the differences.
  4. Okay I'm seriously going to exhale in here. I haven't posted in a while and the posts I have made are sporadic and few and far between because I have no idea what the **** is going on or what to think/feel but as soon as I watched that new IG post I knew there was only one place I could go to say this where people would either commiserate and say I agree or smack me around and tell me to snap out of it and everything's just fine but..... SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT! From me, this post finally just made me feel uncomfortable. I'm quite frankly feeling a little scared. Please don't hate on me if you don't agree or think I'm nuts! Either talk me down from the ledge and help me or tell me you're feeling the same I'm coming to this community for solace because it's the only place I can go where there are other Britney stans. I know we all joke and we all take things with a grain of salt but something just feels...... off ? literally how I look and feel right now.
  5. To say I am confused by all this would be the underf**kingstatement of the year.
  6. I am not calling out Britney for any weight gain! I do not care! But..... my first thought when I saw this candid was, well this definitely solidifies the speculation about the workout video posted.that was obviously back when she was hardcore working out and her abs were what they were then. Her team must think we are blind doofuses. that said I'm glad she's out and about I'm sure they'll be prancing her around more and more.
  7. Staged. Set up. Her team did this. The last picture we saw her in the salon she looked very good. Now this is what they prance out? It's bullshit.
  8. You should consider being a fiction writer. You have a wonderful imagination that is obviously a vast and deep. You should put it to good use instead of conjuring conspiracy theories.
  9. Yes you should be sorry, and I sincerely hope for you as a human being and your care for others that it is just an angry moment. You'll get over it..
  10. I cannot believe nine pages in and the disgusting comments that I've read from probably very young, naive, foolish people, that this is a lie, that this is about her anxiety, etc. One moron actually wrote it's because of Lady Gaga reviews and she shook. Some people in here are just as bad, even worse because they claim to be fans, then the paparazzi in the 2000s You just lust to hate. I hope you don't take your family, especially your parents for granted. Shame on some of you.
  11. This is so stupid. Those teens think people like Lil xan and Lil peep and that dumb ***** from dr. Phil who became a fake rapper, are cool and are they?
  12. On a whole you are correct when speaking about how the white race is affected by racism. But do not take away from what an individual might go through or have gone through. I went to a school called Rafael De J Cordero School. I was one of less than a dozen white people at that school. I was bullied, hit, tripped, harassed until I was finally accepted. In the neighborhood where I lived I had bricks thrown at me and was chased down the street being called a white devil ***** by a couple of 9 year olds when I was in Middle School. I loved where I lived I loved my community and it didn't deter me from POC around me or my community, me especially because of where and how I grew up(NYC/North Jersey) They became my sole and soul community for many yrs. But make no mistake. It did affect me. It affected me as a young girl, it affected me as a child dealing with that. It is fewer and far between. But it does happen. I'm also a woman, a wheelchair user(was not one until my mid 20s) and Jewish. Believe there is a **** TON of discrimination that can happen to you despite having white skin. Lastly, this is an audition no one has seen what her final group looks like and for the most part she has always had a very diverse group of dancers. And let's not get things twisted. There is nothing being culturally appropriated in this instance. Britney's not roaming around in a dashiki and dreadlocks. All they're doing is dancing to a song done by a black artist and white artist. And Dance is for all.
  13. you know what I think? I think there's so many little trigger words out there on the interwebs/society now, that people are just ready to pounce on as social justice warriors. I wonder if they didn't explicitly use that word for that purpose? Today I was reading a shitstorm in Twitter after Paris Jackson came out saying she likes the ladies, then someone called her bi, then she responded "you're labeling". Then all these crazy reactions in the comments about how dare you use the word bi, how can you label anyone. like with anger and vitriol about that word or someone labeling their sexuality. Maybe they thought was just a safe PR decision. I know I'm babbling, sorry.
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