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  1. Being a flop but what's the chances this time of this finally being over? When are they meeting to decide if August 22nd is the end?
  2. I think that FFT as an overall package is better than POM. Britney’s energy is better now though. But the ad-libs (during burning up etc) prerecorded vocals, singing on some of the songs and speaking to the audience made the whole thing a bit more real. They need to take the best elements from POM and FFT and she would be brilliant again (With a bit of Dwadney thrown in for good measure of course!)
  3. It’s difficult to compare, as it wouldn’t be released now as everyone’s said - teen pop isn’t in anymore. But if she had made her debut now I still think she would be huge. She has a quality that is undeniably unique.
  4. Tbh just Blackout/Glory quality with good promo and no random collaborations!
  5. Make Me if promoted more and timed better would have done SO much better. If initial sales were combined with position during VMA in US, and Jonathon Ross in the U.K., I have no doubt it would have been a top 10. Such a great and more grown up sound.
  6. No Britney’s next lead single should be just Britney! Sick of random collaborations. I did like MM but I think she needs to just shine by herself.
  7. Will they use Gloryney vocals or FFney vocals on B10?
  8. I apologise for this rant, but, I swear this forum used to be the highlight of my day, I would come here to read stuff about someone that I’ve followed since I was a kid. Yet, it seems most of you have become Britney haters who just constantly criticise her every choice, move and appearance. I know you will all post things about how I’m an idiot etc, but who cares. In the UK we say if you have nothing nice to say than don’t say nothing at all! Britney has been overall a resounding success, and her career something that I know I would be very proud of! The definition of a fan is “a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing.”
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