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  1. 1 hour ago, Anita d*ck said:

    Do you have an Etsy store or something? If you can make apparel with these kind of pictures, I'd probably buy you all out!:gaspney:


    24 minutes ago, storm said:


    I own online store but not selling t-shirts etc, but why not maybe I can try make an apparel collection, I always wanted to do it :thinkney:
    (I hope no one will sue me for any kind of copyright :calculating: )

    I'll post something as soon as possible, it's going to be long night :blaughing:

  2. 2 hours ago, storm said:

    I absolutely love the 2003 In The Zone photoshoot where she's wearing the white tank top that's lifted up (my fav is the one where she has one hand on her hat and one on her pants) but i don't know how well you can work with those images since they might not be hi-res. As a backup I love the 2013 Vegas photoshoot where she's in the Elvis inspired outfit holding a mic and I don't know if you can incorporate text but I would love for it to say "It's Britney Bitch!" Thank you so so SO much for offering I really appreciate it!! :giggleney:

    No problem, I like to make such stuff :lustney: Of course I can incorporate some text :bwink:

    You mean these? 
    Kliknij aby zobaczyć pełny rozmiarKliknij aby zobaczyć pełny rozmiar

  3. 14 hours ago, Britney's Blackout said:

    FFney had her good moments



    I love M&G's from FF tour, worth every penny 

    She was so sweet & good looking even if she didn't try to :crying1:

    Kliknij aby zobaczyć pełny rozmiarKliknij aby zobaczyć pełny rozmiarKliknij aby zobaczyć pełny rozmiarKliknij aby zobaczyć pełny rozmiar

    Even wearing pink bathrobe and doing her awakward smile, she was so pretty:crying2:
    Only true queen can wear bathrobe in public, flawless :queenflopga:

    BIG difference now

  4. normal_XRAY_Leipzig_004.jpg

    Ohhh I have old newspaper cutting from that time! (almost 20 yrs old newspaper):triggered:

    There was written something about Britney partying hard and being so drunk she barely could stand and walk, the bodyguard had to help her (yes, typical news about Britney, nothing has changed)


    Her facial expression, like "when he's taking off his pants for the first time" :tongueney:

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  5. 9 hours ago, Goku said:

    at the least, we have the proof now

    she has not been cloned after the Circus Tour










    just medicated and botoxed



     the Exhale investigation department is doing fine :ohi:

    10 hours ago, Million Billion said:

    She's alway done freestyle moves but the difference is that she used to balance this non-choreographed parts with actual choreography, the Toxic performance on the Onyx Hotel Tour for example where 80% of the time she's standing on the props until the breakdown comes up and she KILLS IT!!! Those moves have always been there, it's just that they were never obvious up to now because that's what her dancing is all about, doing awkward and repetitive moves. 

    Exactly, when her dancing skills were overall better, the freestyle was better also. More passionate. 

    Now she can relase a book "Arm dancing for beginners. 10 easy ways to convince them you can dance while standing in one place." Deluxe edition would have DVD with examples (POM), so you can exercise copying Britney's moves.

    I can see advertising banners "Professional dancers hate her! She found one easy way to dance without skills & rehearsals! See how"

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  6. 1 hour ago, Hope said:

    If she really was inspired by MJ, Britney, and Beyoncé, she should have done a dancing video like them instead of the mess that was released. :mattafact:

    It's really pathetic to see the Kardashians & Jenners trying to put themselves in same group with music legends, what the hell do they think, having Kanye around is not enough  to be a legendary A-class star. Bitch only thing you do is looking good and making drama in your reality show, how dare you to compare yourself to Britney. Maybe try to do real thing instead of crying, you won't be hated so much :lessons:
    I truly hate present show business world, if you have enough money you don't have to do anything to be famous. (Ok, you have to do some plastic surgeries, that's all)  :icant2:

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  7. I remember when britneyspears.com site was under construction ( in 2007 I think?) , there was a pictrue with half Britney's face, half tiger's (+ black background, "coming soon" written), and "rebellion" was playing. It was so amazing, I was so excited I've had goosebumps. Unfortunately I can't find any screen of it. :wontcry:
    It was deleted pretty fast, as I remember it was deleted when Britney hired Larry back. 

    Since then, I dream of "Rebellion" leak, I swear. :crying11::tifftear::tiffanycries:

  8. Isn't it a bit strange/stupid to imitate foreign accent? It's okay for kind of music experiment but for whole album? Nooo

    If my grandma was German does it mean I should speak in my native language with German accent? :tiffcackle: 
    She probably sounds funny for British natives...