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  1. First of all, y'all bots should stfu talking crap about britney all the time. EVERY SINGLE THING SHE DOES. Y'all complaining this and that, even for the smallest thing that's not even should be an issue at all Yes, Britney kinda messed up for the last 2 eras, but it does not give you the license to talk absurdly about her all the effing time C'mon this lady been through sh!t back then, I bet she does not even give a damn to achieve her 2000s primeney again. I mean like this exhale britney forum should not even should be called as the britney forum, more like a TMZ gossip forum. Y'all that bitter, I wonder if y'all even her fans or just seasonal bandwagons or just some lazy jobless fat ass sitting behind the phones or computers? Do y'all even own a heart? or even think with functional brain cells before posting anything here? Give me hundreds of downvotes or what, banned me, I don't care. Not even that active here Most of you are pathetic uncivilized cyber-bullying trash assholes. Bye bitches Stay pressed 24/7. I think y'all are the one who need medications, not Britney
  2. lol she's doing small venues because it is basically just another Vegas Piece Of Me, not like touring for a new album she still has selling power, maybe not as much as like in her prime, but still better than most of her peers
  3. CRINGIEST "ALL AROUND THE WERLD PRETTY GURLS" THE BEST/MOST COMPLEX/MATURE "I want to believe, it's just you and me, sometimes it feels like there's three, of us in here baby" MOST SEXUAL/NASTY iF U Seek Amy
  4. BOMT: Not sure because I was really young at this time OIDIA: I remember hearing it on the bus SLAVE: I was so ashamed to watch it on tv and changed the channel. lol. So sexy MATM: Don't remember GH:MP: A dark theme, I love this version GM: My friend often playing it at school, but I'm not amazed yet WOMANIZER: THIS WAS WHEN I BECAME A STAN!! I heard it everywhere from the campus events, malls, radio 3: Autotuned much HIAM: THIS MADE ME SHOOK SO MUCH I KEPT MY HAIR QUITE LONG SO I CAN FLIPPED MY HAIR LIKE IN THE CHOREO. LOVE THIS THE MOST WB: It took me a while to like it, but then this song is THAT SONG when I'm at the gym. MM: I love this,maybe one of my Top 5 of her singles. G-Easy part is coo- and Britney sounds so natural. MAKE ME BALD
  5. yas brintey get the views from str9 horny fat guys
  6. smh i can see they comparing it with Goatkira and RiRi's duet i dont even remember the song's title lmao and beyonka fans r mad cuz britney is just a few white female artists who actually can dance
  7. noah fence, you even have time to find out all that
  8. I'm OK she scrapped the original mv because of over-the-top diva music director, but at least they should make the mv at par w Radar, not Ooh Slay Slay
  9. Mood Ring is not even that good so no wonder its only for japan
  10. That girl is cute tho I saw on twitter where she's on the set and she looks just like Britney SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MEEE
  11. no new glory songs gonna be added just found out many unnecessary bottoms-meltdown, negative vibes here since the iheartfestival *log in back to twitter*
  12. Just Luv Me, Till Its Gone, Liar say hi CTFU Man On The Moon is one of the best songs in her career
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