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  1. This is serious I’m scared her flop team are thinking to do something horrendous to brit
  2. I’m reading some comment in the video on insta ... fans are not believing this
  3. The conservationship must end or at least give her more freedom. She can’t vote? Get married? Really? No! It’s not right
  4. Imagine you have been working so hard and then all this money you earned... well... you cant use it... I’m not surprised Britney’s lack of passion during a tour far away from their kids when the money she was earning went to her team, daddy spears and Kevin now I understand lazyney and I don’t give a f**kney
  5. I’m scared I don’t want anything happen to brit... I’m super scared guys stay away from brit assholes (team b) let her live ... I don’t want more music if she doesn’t want ... I swear
  6. Marta really thought she has something to do with the cancelation of domination... just I can’t
  7. I am wondering if the iconic Martha has something to say...
  8. When will Jordi? you should organise something too britney needs ya
  9. I don’t buy this sh!t, lets the #freebritney movement begin like: 1. Britney looked to Sam very confused 2. She throws something to the floor 3. Adam didn’t kiss her or make any visual contact with Britney... I’m not trust in you Bitch dont stop army, we are not fools. #freebritney must continue