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  1. The photo is a scene from for the record, and we don’t know 100% what she said... she was happy but the affirmation of she said: mom I’m back I did it... it’s fake
  2. I’m not attacking I just though she was really pretty when she was little she was like a little Britney clon ... now she looks like an auntie
  3. She was pretty when she was a kid what happened? Now, she looks like an old and grumpy lady
  4. 1. Slumber party 2. Slumber party 3. Slumber party 4. Slumber party 5. Slumber party 6. Slumber party 7. Slumber party 8. Slumber party 9. Slumber party 10. Slumber party honorable mentions - gimme more - breathe on me - baby one more time - anticipating
  5. It’s very tacky, cheesy and catchy... sorry I’m CHIIIIiiillllllllll...
  6. What is happening I don’t get it every day everyday everyday everyday I’m chilling with CHU!
  7. Britney in the zone blackout glory Oops femme fatale circus baby one more time thats it
  8. This season was full of injustices but Yvie and Brooke deserve to be in this final... but shuga (in the bottom) and Nina elimination were a mess it makes me loose credibility in rupaul yes! The Britney episode was gold... vanjie killed it
  9. I know the most important thing for a mother is her kids... but cmon brit! You don’t have to let this happen to you... it’s nasty and disgusting, you should be brave and fight for your rights and the true... you can permit this situation control all your life and the relation with your fans, the gp, co workers, even the relation with your Children’s, it is a bad example for your children’s... they can’t take away your kids you haven’t done anything wrong or illegal... they should be scared, not you sorry not sorry, I don’t think being quiet and hiding is a good idea also, please put this in the free Britney topic... we can’t let the topic die
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