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  1. i don't consider make me a flop make me outpeaked slave 4 u and even if u seek amy i don't consider those songs flops not every song is going to go #1 let's be realistic being the 17th top song in the country is not a flop, especially when legends like madonna can't even crack into the top 100
  2. it should be a single, not single #2. that is reserved for DYWCO?
  3. something is fishy, barbra was ALWAYS behind glory on the itunes chart. there is no way that old irrelevant hag outsold glory. but, times change and people DO mostly consume music via streaming now. plus, people rarely care about albums anymore, it's all about the single. glory should have been left off of streaming services in my opinion
  4. not when do you wanna come over?, slumber party and just luv me exist sweetie
  5. You all (should) know that you can stream Glory on repeat in an endless loop on the Spotify application on your computer, but you can also repeatedly stream Glory on your smart phone using Spotify as well, without other songs playing in-between. If you delete the Spotify app from your phone, download it again and sign up with a fake email, you can get a 7 day free trial of Spotify Premium (no credit card info required) which allows you to listen to the album without ads or other songs playing in between. Tonight is the LAST night that will count towards Glory's debut, and if y'all stream on your computer AND phone, it will be double the streaming. It could make or break us at this point, y'all better get to streaming
  6. youtube streams do count tho, and streams before the album release count as well see: http://www.complex.com/music/2016/04/drake-is-about-to-take-full-advantage-of-the-new-riaa-streaming-rules-with-views
  7. i just took the stream total and divided it by 1,500 i don't know a HDD go back 2 school hoe
  8. i have been telling y'all this for a long time mainly because it was added to POM along with make me i'm almost 100% positive it IS the second single and i couldn't be happier about it her and her kids have good taste it's literally my favorite on the album too i cannot wait for DYWCO? to snatch w
  9. I just realized something, do y'all remember back when Drake's Views album was released and he had over a million first week sales because of the streams his singles from the album managed to pull in before the album was released, and how they counted towards the debut? Well, britney's biggest competitors for the #1 spot right now are Florida Georgia Line and Frank Ocean, but Frank's album debuted on this week's chart at #1 with 276k, and his second week won't be as strong as his first, plus his album is only streaming on Apple Music while Glory is available on every streaming platform. Florida Georiga Line's album isn't on Spotify either, so this explains why both Frank and FGL are ahead of Britney in terms of iTunes position; neither of them are streaming for free so people are buying instead of streaming them. This could work out to Britney's advantage because not only is she going to have her pure album sales, but the streams for Make Me on Spotify, Carpool Karaoke, the music video on YouTube, the audio on YouTube and the VMA's performance are all going to be counted towards Britney's debut. 1,500 streams count as 1 album sale according to the RIAA. That means on Spotify, based PURELY on Make Me and the promo singles, Clumsy, DYWCO? and Private Show, the album has sold 25.6k based on those 4 songs on Spotify alone. If you add that with her YouTube streams for Glory, which are 40.7k for Make Me's music video and audio plus 10.6k for Carpool Karaoke you get 51.3k. Add that onto her Spotify streams and Glory has sold 76.9k based on those few tracks/videos alone. Like I said before, Frank Ocean's album is only streaming on Apple Music and Florida Georiga Line doesn't even have their album available for streaming, just the single(s) and a few promo singles. Frank is at a even bigger disadvantage because he doesn't have any YouTube videos for this album to my knowledge, however FGL have a music video with around 60m views and some other much lesser viewed videos. But, this isn't counting Britney's pure album sales both digital and physical as well as the streams on Apple Music and Tidal, and the other non-single streams on Spotify. Plus, the VMA performance was just uploaded to VEVO and it will count as well, people will continue to watch the Make Me videos which will also rise up before the debut deadline. She has a VERY high chance of debuting #1 this time, don't let the iTunes chart fool you. Make Me is #2 and is very stable, plus there's a whole week to gain numbers.
  10. ok, thank you, that's what i'll stick to doing im in the US btw and i've been streaming on spotify as well as youtube
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