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  1. I didn’t ask if you were buying it, sis (idgaf what you do with your coins)... I asked when it counts toward billboard...
  2. Does anyone know when the vinyl sales count toward Billboard? Should we all stream the album that week to push it up the Billboard Chart?
  3. Do you notice Sam’s comment is “can’t wait for Friday”....so is something coming Friday too??
  4. Tinashe danced to Circus on Dancing with the Stars tonight. She crushed it and they were all fan girling over Britney.
  5. But sis, we been knew since January. The show is called “piece of me”.
  6. This. I get you’re upset (for whatever reason) but chill. If you don’t like the show then voice you’re opinion and be done with it. Move along. If a a concert can make you this upset, then I feel really bad for you.
  7. I completely agree with this; it’s Piece of Me. They are taking PIECE OF ME on the road, not a NEW SHOW! If you expected a new show then, you’re delusional. The tour is a way to let the fans who can’t get to Vegas see the show and make money. It’s a business! I saw piece of me in Vegas and went last night. They were both great shows and I had an amazing time.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find daily updates for Britney’s Spotify streams?
  9. Apparently Justin Tranter told a Christian Zamora (a buzzfeed writer) to "just wait" about upcoming britney material... https://twitter.com/Christian_Zamo/status/950146268344459264
  10. If she had a procedure done she would still post memes and random quotes.
  11. I like how a vocalist like Celine Dion can lip sync and wont get any **** for it.
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