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  1. Stronger Soda Pop Sometimes Shadow Showdown Someday Shattered Glass Seal It With A Kiss Selfish Scary Slumber Party
  2. My real name is Lou
  3. I love how much of an Alanis stan you are! Me too!
  4. What about “Britney Spears: The HoLOUgram World Tour?”
  5. I think that touring is a huge thing for artists these days. Actual music has no value anymore because of streaming, there is no real money to be made in record sales anymore and therefore touring has became a huge source of income for the artist and their teams, as well as LiveNation etc. I think as soon as touring can recommence in a safe way, it absolutely will. And I don’t think the tours will be any shorter because I don’t think anyone in the industry can afford to lose that kind of money.
  6. I don’t mind you asking. It didn’t scare me, it was just very weird. I was my grandma’s favourite and so I like to think that if she was gonna pick anybody to contact that it would have been me she chose. Because I was only 13 years old when she passed, I’ve never really got over it, just learnt with time how to deal with it. I think about her everyday and although I’m not a very spiritual person, I like to think it was her telling me she was okay and not to worry about her.
  7. I had a very surreal dream that my grandmother was alive, many years after she passed away. In the dream she just turned up at the family home like everything was normal. We were all shocked because we thought she was dead, but she came in and had a cup of tea with us and told us “I’m not dead, I’m fine.” She stayed with us for a while, then told us she had to go away again, but not to worry about her anymore because she was okay. I woke up the next day and I thought it had really happened at first, before I realised it was obviously a dream. It was so vivid though, I’ve never had a dream that was so clear and I remember so well. It really shook me.
  8. Did they “ghost you” afterwords?
  9. I burn my CDs to iTunes and make playlists there.
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