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  1. The fact that neither of these songs are on this list is disgusting. Dame Shirley Bassey IS the Bond Theme.
  2. Okay, although I really dislike her and music, that one time she stole Lana Del Slay’s sound was okay, I guess...
  3. I can’t think of another debut this strong actually, not in terms of global impact. Most artists have to work their way up to this sort of recognition and popularity after numerous singles and performances. Britney just seemed to appear and completely take over music with her first single. It was remarkable - the like of which we are never likely to see again.
  4. Yeah. 7 yr old me, my sister and my parents were there! I’m so happy that I got to see her this early in her career - but I didn’t see her again until the Circus tour, so a big gap for me. It’s a great concert and she sang live!
  5. Not denying that good artists come out of the original Eurovision... the American version of it though... Probably won’t happen.
  6. ABBA (aka one of the biggest pop groups of all-time) say hi 👋 Oh and so does Céline
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