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  1. Let's pretend for just one minute more
    that I'm yours and you're mine again
    but I get to walk away from
    all the mess you left, your emptiness
    I want to forget about the pain in me.


  2. New album coming soon!

    Stay tuned! xo

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OpiumAndreyw

      No , thank you, I still need my vocal chords to be intact

    3. OpiumAndreyw

      Shading? What do you mean?

    4. OpiumAndreyw

      Well, I like the shade of red I have on my nails!

  3. Не твоя, не твоя, не твоя, не твоя я.


  4. lmao, I tried making that video with Skyrim for Kingdom Come :gloria: look at the final result :gloria: 


  5. Merry Christmas Britarmy!

  6. I wasn't aware that Blank Space had an official remix featuring Pitbull :rip:  

  7. Wish Britney would do more songs like Everytime on her upcoming album(s)

  8. Hello Bxtches


    1. OpiumAndreyw

      I barely use this :rip: why would I make a 2nd account?

  9. Lick my body, give it a kiss


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