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  1. Just now, Toy-Soldier said:

    That's because she's Britney F-ing Spears and this woman has not been in the public eye for ageeeeeeees! She has been hiding in Vegas for waaaaaaaaay too long... understandably it's frustrating as it is with only 2 songs off Glory she's promoting. But this woman NEEDS to get her arse out there to the public and start promoting her Britney Spears brand as a whole!

    POM set list or not... THAT's her catalogue!


    Sweetie she has an album out. When you promote a new album, you perform the music off of that album.

    In 2003 she wasn't going around performing Baby, Crazy, Sometimes, Oops, Lucky, etc.

    She was performing mostly ITZ tracks hun with the exception of that flawless Slave / Boys medley.

    Let's not be delusional ok? :shameless:

  2. On September 16, 2016 at 5:28 PM, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

    Rihanna's Anti is selling more after 9 months than Glory after 2 weeks :moorangu:

    Anti is on it's 4th single and Rihanna is at the peak of her popularity right bow. :shameless:

    9 hours ago, I just want more!! said:

    Wait until Joanne comes out :nochillbrit:


    Glory will be completely forgotten :mcry:

    Nobody even cares about Flopanne though :nothavingit:

  3. Lmao let's not pretend like Caca didn't start out her career by copying and cheapening the aesthetics of Madonna, Bowie, Cher, Grace Jones, etc.

    And now that the GP isn't her for her bullshit thievery, she's all "OMG I LOVE IRON MAIDEN AND GUNS N ROSES, IM NOT A POP STAR I'M ROCK N ROLL BB YAASSS".

    She's such a tryhard hypocrite that latches onto anything she can use as promo like a rotting barnacle. Her fanbase is the most pathetic and insecure batch of crybabies in the world of pop.

    Caca has brainwashed them so hard that she's completely latched onto their image, so whenever she fails they see it as a reflection of themselves. That's why they're so butthurt about her turning into a flop overnight.


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