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  1. 3 minutes ago, radar89 said:

    Where is Make Me now? :receiptswheretho::leaving: Don't get me started DYWCO which she has performed several times already now :arianabye:

    That isn't the point though, her properly promoting the song showed the potential it had to become a bigger smash. Imagine if she went on Kimmel, Fallon, etc. and performed Make Me with the original music video being released?

    And she's performed Come Over twice. Last night and on the TODAY show. It's not even the second single so suck that sh!t up and stop reaching for the sky. :comingthru:

  2. 1 minute ago, seanl3s said:

    her only job at the moment is to promote POM and she will continue to do so until it's over. It makes sense, it's how she gets paid. She is contracted.

    Easy though, add more Glory songs into the setlist. BOOM, Vegas promo and Glory promo.

    Why the hell is she still performing Freakshow, Do Somethin', Breathe On Me, Touch of My Hand, etc. ?

    Those songs aren't part of her greatest hits, she could easily swap them out for numbers like Slumber Party, Love Me Down, Private Show, Liar, etc.

    Is her team stupid?

  3. 1 minute ago, radar89 said:

    That's the fckn point dumbass. Her residency is still very popular because she performed songs which the GP could relate to :nyheadache: This is the same exact reason why she performed her past hits songs in BBMA, iHeart and probably in Apple Festival

    If you are so obsessed over more Glory songs to be performed in this type of festival where is Make Me and DYWCO on the chart after she performed it on iHeart? :receiptswheretho:

    OMG. :sofedup:

    You are aware that after the VMA performance, Make Me shot back up to #2 on iTunes and re-peaked on the Hot 100 at 17 right?

    Try harder for that reach. :comingthru:

  4. 7 minutes ago, radar89 said:

    Do you know that iHeart is a festival mostly filled with the GP? Of course it would make sense to perform songs that they are familiar with. IHeart is more about rebuilding Britney's brand, rather than promoting Glory :verycool: 

    Her brand doesn't need "rebuilding", it's been just fine for years. Everyone knows who Britney is and that Slave and Toxic are her songs.

    She has a new album out that needs the exposure, to keep her from becoming some 2000's nostalgia act.

    Stop trying to defend this messy ass marketing because it's tired. Wasting potential seems to be Larry's #1 goal for Britney while Fifth Disharmony is everywhere popping their pussies to thier single with longevity, Work from Home. :mj:

  5. 7 minutes ago, seanl3s said:

    what can she do to push herself and compete? give me some actions, some verbs, what would you like to see her physically do? what would satisfy you, you know she won't sing live it's been 15 years.

    Why can't she have better choreo? Is it hard to get Brian on the line again? What about someone else like Janet's choreographer?

    Why does Britney Spears have the same choreographer as Meghan Trainor and Katy Perry?

  6. 7 minutes ago, Iced Tea said:

    I feel like some of you forget that a mental breakdown in front of the whole world is not something you forget about and is something most people don't recover from in 10 years. Not only is it a part of pop culture and her reputation, but it's going to be a memory she and the whole world will have for a LONG time. It was traumatizing for her and she could have died. Fast forward ten years and this is how she is performing. It's how she wants to express herself and if you do or don't like it that's fine, but give credit where credit is due. Even 3 years ago none of you could imagine Britney performing like this. It's fine if you guys don't like her performances anymore, but don't tell others that they are delusional if they like Britney. If you can't have her at her worst then you don't deserve her at her best.

    So I'm supposed to be happy if she just shows up and walks around on stage?

    She has the ability and we've seen it... It's not like I'm asking her to do something she hasn't already been doing...


    Why is this better than what she did last night? 

  7. 1 minute ago, Mantequilla said:

    OMG, your comment was a total surprise. :omg:

    Sometimes I think maybe she doesn't care anymore and is just doing it for us or because she doesn't have anything else to really do.

    I think she's very indesicive. She doesn't really know what she wants. I just don't know how else to describe it really. :idkney:

    Or it's her team that just babies her and doesn't want to push her anymore. :verycool:

  8. 24 minutes ago, monti50 said:

    She is doing things she hasn't done in ten years, she is dancing better and is way more present and looks great so why all the sudden when she is getting herself out there are you guys bitching.     I mean I can see if she killing everything during the circus and ff era, and gave us tons of promo, but we got nothing but stiff, and disconnected performances,

    i thought it was great, way better then the bbmas,. Longer performance etc  

    What is she doing though? Go watch the Circus tour videos... It's on par with this.

    It's been over 10 years, her getting up on stage and "looking hot and happy" just isn't cutting it anymore.

    She needs a creative director and a new choreographer. That and start pre-recording your vocals and see how much better she starts to look... It isn't hard.

  9. 2 minutes ago, SlayOut said:

    Agree especially with the bolded parts and most of what you said tbh :tifftear: but the use of the "R" word and some of that other language was kind of distasteful imo.

    Thanks for generally saying what's on my mind tho!


    It's just tiring at this point. I don't even show or talk about her recent stuff with anyone other than the Glory album because of the lacklustre. :orangu:

    The last thing that was genuinely great was the Vegas revamp after they changed that old show but now they're beating it like a dead horse.

    We get it, you revamped the show... :orangu2: 

  10. 3 minutes ago, BratzBitch said:

    The thing is that nowadays, everyone seems to be mediocre. I'm not saying this to defend Britney, obvi I want her to do better, but that's something I noticed. It's like no one wants to step it up and like be iconic, like no one is iconic now which is sad :rude2me: Everyone does the same old sh!t over and over again but the difference is that they have a better artistic team around them, unlike Britney. That's why it's harder for Britney to do good, she just needs a better team to give her better chroreo and visuals at least, if she doesn't want to step her pu$$y up tbh :rude2me:

    But they're not? Selana Gomes and Ariana yes, they're basic af. But Britney's contemporaries like Beyonce and JLO... their performances are not basic sis...

  11. Ya this will just be another trainwreck unless she changes the choreo and pre-records the vocals.

    I'm tired of the only praise being "SHE LOOKS HOT AND HAPPY".

    This isn't 2009 anymore, it's almost 10 years since the dark ages and she's been happy. She's happy with her kids.

    Stop treating her like she's some retarded special child. She's a grown woman who quite frankly, needs to step it up in terms of performing.

    People criticizing this aren't "haters" at this point, it's the truth. Skipping around, flailing your arms and lip syncing to your cd from 2001 isn't going to cut it anymore, especially when your contemporaries (Beyonce, JLO) are out there with better routines and pre-recorded vocals.

    Honestly, she has the ability, she has the physique... It's not like the sis is handicapped.

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