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  1. Just now, Chico101 said:

    Britney literally only replaced Rihanna's vocals. They changed nothing else with the song.

    So your saying it's ok when other artist do it but not Britney?


    Let me break this down for you.

    1. S&M was a Rihanna song.

    2. Britney gave us a new album that year, and a new song via S&M.

    3. Britney added a NEW VERSE on S&M.

    ...as for Slumber Party

    1. We already had Slumber Party.

    2. Tinashe only replaces Britney on the second verse.

    3. It really wasn't needed.

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  2. Just now, twenty1century said:

    I LOVED IT, their voices match so much

    idgi why people are being so bitchy about it, the song was already divine why would anyone want it to change? tinashe is just a bonus!!

    Because when you look at all the other single mixes Britney has that differ from the album version they're all unique and have a different flair.

    This really was not necessary, and it's not because of Tinashe, but why no breakdown or anything cool like a new intro?

  3. 2 minutes ago, coo said:

    i thought everybody know it's basically gon be the same song just w/ tinashe added vocals? why are some ppl so surprised? :squintney:

    Overprotected and Boys remix?

    Even the TTWE remix had some new production on it.

    This is so lazy. The fact they just replaced the album version on iTunes too instead of having it as a stand alone single. They didn't even bother with a single cover. :dead: 

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  4. 20 hours ago, timaeus said:

    lmao shes getting better :smokney: bitch could barely do the wb choreo when she started pom. look at where we are now

    some people here sound like they started stanning her yesterday

    This comment is important. :NYsassy:

  5. They gave it 4/5 stars. The GP was here for it so eat sh!t haters. :rihclap:

    I have seen Spears before, when she seemed utterly detached and indifferent to her mimed performance, but here –having recently made a comeback with her ninth album, Glory – she was on her game, confidently and energetically heading a hi-tech extravaganza that played to her uncomplicated strengths.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Scrappy said:

    Britney's choreography used to be artistic and had a story. I 


    Expressing my opinion is "acting like a spoiled brat" or speaks to my abilities to "handle real life situations"? :sofedup: 

    And thank you, my social life and relationships are just fine. I woke up at 7am and got back at 4pm in time to watch the show. I lead a productive life with my significant other who suffered the performance (and many, many others) with me.  How you managed to discern from a few posts that I am some kind of homebody with no life is beyond me. Or is that your default way of shutting down differing opinions? Go for the character assassination method? Try to look up how to debate effectively and don't rely on Donald Trump tactics. You won't "win" this argument because you already have failed with your attempt to label me.

    As far as choreo improvement, I'm glad you agree. 


    You completely missed the point lmfao. Stay in 2001 and pretend you still live with Slaveney. That's literally the only way for you to cope because honestly Britney herself would tell you to f**k off.


  7. Just now, Scrappy said:

    Every Britney Spears song has choreography.

    Slave 4 U was COMPLETELY choreographed... So was Crazy, and Boys, and Baby.....

    This watered down change in routine has happened to ALL OF THEM where we barely get anything of substance from the originals. That is why I'm upset. As a fan, I've seen so many of these performances and I'm disappointed by the decline in quality.

    You're acting like a spoiled brat. You honestly need a social life and some fresh air if you're honestly complaining that she isn't still looking / performing like she did when she was 19.

    I agree the choreo needs to improve now that the energy is back but that will need to take time. 2 years ago we had a performer that waddled around like a penguin. Now we at least have a Britney that smiles on stage and isn't dead behind the eyes.

    Jeez, get a grip. If this matters that much to you I can't imagine how you handle real life situations.

  8. She had spark, she went out there jet lagged and rocked it.

    I'm really proud of her going out there and doing another longer festival performance back to back.

    Slay Brit! :clap: 

    Y'all need to quit complaining, she obviously wasn't going to change and revamp a completely new choreo in under 2 days.

    I swear it's only the same 5 bottoms that care bc they keep getting bullied on Twitter by BeyHIV+ and Rihstitute fans. :rihclap:

    I'm not sure why y'all complained all throughout 2010-2013 about Awkwardney and Robotney and now that the bitch has personality it's still not good enough. :sofedup:

    I'm sure by the next era, she's gonna step it up. :) 

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