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  1. 1 minute ago, alexevah said:

    but maybe it won't and that's why they sent the video to MTV - to create more hype around it so more people who are, you know, outside of the internet (this kind of people actually exists lol) could see it too and then maybe go to VEVO to see explicit. Lol sounds stupid but I hope you got it

    Yeah I understand that. But it kinda takes the excitement away from seeing it on live TV if I could just watch it online since the morning, ya know? :verycool:

  2. 1. Alien 13 

    2. Work Bitch 20 

    3. Perfume 8

    4. It Should Be Easy (ft. will.i.am) 10

    5. Tik Tik Boom (ft. T.I.) 10

    6. Body Ache 8

    7. Till It's Gone 13 

    8. Passenger 10

    9. Chillin' With You (ft. Jamie-lynn Spears) 5 (-1)

    10. Don't Cry 11

    11. Brightest Morning Star 10

    12. Hold On Tight 13 (+1)

    13. Now That I Found You 10

    14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) 6

  3. 36 minutes ago, Jeansus Spears said:

    I remember when HIAM premiered on MTV bitch I was shaking and she left me shook :wendycry:

    OMG SAME BITCH. I was at a Jersey Shore Season 2 party and I told everyone to STFU and admire the queen. :wendycry: 

    And then 3 years later Work Bitch premiered during the iHeartRadio 2013 festival on The CW and I was just as shook. :wendycry:

    It's not a Britney era without a music video premiere on TV tbh. I even remember Womanizer on CBS in 2008. :wendycry: 

  4. 4 minutes ago, I Just Want More said:

    Cause 3 AM eastern time is midnight in pacific time, and it would be a smarter move cause it would have circulated the internet as people are waking up rather than late at night when people are going to bed 



    That is so confusing.

    Someone spam Britney and ask her to make sure. :moorangu: 

  5. 3 minutes ago, I Just Want More said:

    Do you mean Thursday night at 8:55? Cause everyone has been saying it's at 3 AM eastern time so i was thinking it would be very early friday morning or late thursday but not late friday night, that doesn't make sense

    Also isnt the 8:55 thing just coming from the teaser video and not the actual RCA press release?

    The teaser that was shown on MTV tonight says "FRIDAY 8:55 PM" so that's when I'll be tuning in.

    Are you sure that press release is legit? :orangu: Why would they broadcast it at 3 AM, literally no one will see that.

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