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  1. 10 hours ago, ebritneybeat said:

    "Saw her show twice in Vegas. Boring. She just walks around and moves her arms the entire time. She's just going through the motions. It's not a good show.":kidcries::meltdown:

    I mean... :shameless:

    Let's be honest apart from a few select numbers in the show, it's boring and just her skipping around and flailing her arms.

    If we end up getting a new choreographer and it persists, then tbh it's just Britney not wanting to push.

  2. Interscope because they promote and push their artists well.

    Look at Salsa Guacamole's basic ass and how many hits she's racking up.

    Look at Caca flopping hard but still being able to have Million Reasons (My Career Is Over) in the iTunes Top 40.


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  3. 31 minutes ago, OCBoy1985 said:

    Darhling when she gets a hit then maybe I will! :staysalty:

    It's called 2 On. :truthtea:

    45 minutes ago, OCBoy1985 said:

     That's how I feel! However I still think a Rap feature or a male R&B artist like Miguel or Trey Songz would've been so much better that some random 2nd rate unknown act nobody has never heard from before :chershade:

    Trey Songz and Miguel are nobodies too. When did they last have relevant hits, 2009? :nicki2:

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  4. 1 hour ago, MANDIXMX said:

    Picture this, her in a empty beach at night wearing bikini bottoms and a sexy baggy sweatshirt as she looks up into the sky at her boyfriend who is an austrounant, and we get flashbacks of them meeting and their life together leading him to be called into space to stop a meteour from destroying Earth. Eventually the meteour  is stopped and the atronouts arrive on Earth walking in a line up like Armaggedon and Britney runs up to kiss him. 


    This would be really cute for MOTM.

  5. 1 hour ago, StrawberryKisses said:

    He gave her promo and you're telling him to f**k off? :byebitch:

    You should be sucking his d*ck and thanking him for bringing back Baby One More Timeney :queenflopga2:

    ngl he's pretty cute

    Thank you James for that .5k increase in opening sales and not even mentioning the album. :sassybrit: