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  1. 1 hour ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

    The thing that annoys me is whenever they discuss Vegas they act as if she can't go back later down the road. A tour in 2018 would't stop her from ever going back to Vegas. I think they would be foolish to give up a chance to really promote her new album and 20th year anniversary in 2018 to stay in Vegas when she can just go back in 2019. Wouldn't a massive tour allow her to demand more money for Vegas shows anyway? It's obvious that she has improved a lot because of Vegas but I think  staying there for good is a mistake that her team will regret. 

    It's not that, the company will give her whatever she wants to stay there. She's become a staple for the city, she generates so much money every year, with her gone the residencies lose a huge chunk of money because she is the most popular show there.

  2. 1 minute ago, floopy22 said:

    We never saw this shot in the final video though. Sitting down and standing up is quite a difference.

    You can't remove a flabby gut in editing on a music video budget. You can do simple warp effects to make the waist narrower.

    She wasn't fat when she shot the PG video, unlike what everyone here likes to believe from a few candids of her sitting down in very tight pants.

    We did though. We've seen shots of her stomach sitting in the car during the video as well and it's been edited.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Morning Glory said:

    Guys, this is Team Spears we're talking about. 


    Their new strategy: Boost ticket sales by acting like 2017 will be the "final year" of POM. Fans rush to see it before it ends. And then they extend it sometime in September/October '17.


    I can see it now - A post on Britney's Twitter - "Great news everyone! I've decided I wasn't ready to leave Vegas just yet! 4 more years!! January 2018 tickets available now!!!"


    I'd slit my wrists :otears: 

    Omg this will complete the trinity of the Desert / Make Me / ? meltdowns.

    It's not a true Britney era without one. :queenriri:

  4. 8 hours ago, ALLEYESONUS said:

    I kinda agree with that both songs def underperformed. Hell tMake Me was performed at the VMAs yet didn't even manage to do something on the charts.

    Is it too early to say Slumber Party is a flop or can it be a sleeper hit?

    Um, Make Me... shot back up to the #2 spot on iTunes after the VMA performance and re-peaked at #17 on the Hot 100 as well. Had Britney actually done a more intricate performance and had she promoted the song at other televised events, it would have worked out a lot better. It had huge potential.