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  1. I don't even care. People have the right to their opinions, I'm just pissed off and pressed because they're shoving so many diamonds onto this turd to make it something it's not.

    Is it a well made, cohesive album? Yes.

    Is it revolutionary, trendsetting or game changing? No.

    So why are so many people up this bitch's asshole considering this album as the magnum opus of 2016 when it's just Alternative R&B that I can find from the likes of Rihanna, BANKS, FKA twigs, etc. ?

    I don't get the overrated ass appeal and I hope Adele or that rock singer come through and snatch that Grammy from her because I'M THAT PETTY. :queenriri:

  2. 15 minutes ago, A.D. said:

    Beyoncé is a fabricated brand, not a genuine artist :queenriri:

    The worst part is that I actually enjoyed the fucking album. Sorry is a fucking bop.

    But it's really not that fucking special. It isn't revolutionary, game changing or trendsetting. She took a concept and went with it. Dassit. :byebitch:

  3. 4 minutes ago, A.D. said:

    TiO is easily one of the greatest sex jams ever created. Period. :slayney:

    My first comment got down-voted by one of the site's "writers" for thinking Lemonade wasn't as amazing as most media outlets claim it to be yet we Britney fans are the ones "who can't accept opinions" lol

    P.S. @Arya, what's your take on this list?

    It really isn't that amazing. It's literally the same Alternative R&B she's been doing for years, oh but she has a Country song now so I guess it's soooo revolutionaryyyyyy considering she's pandering to a social movement she couldn't care less about only because it's a convinient and popular topic and was the sole idea and creation of her PR team anyway.

    She doesn't even have a high school diploma and y'all be thinking this heffer somehow woke af LMAO the gays are so easily fooled. :queenriri:

  4. 1 hour ago, Mantequilla said:

    Like that would stop the internet kids. I mean, I've seen a white kid tweeting about a black guy who was adopted by a white family, that he doesn't have the right to do anything related to black culture, because he didn't grow up with it, and it would be appropriation. Not that I give a f**k, though. I find it funny and stupid, that's why I refer to them as "Tumblr kids". 

    Those are just stupid trolls. :orangu: 

  5. 3 minutes ago, button said:

    Yes, radio is not giving up on it. Someone sent a message to AT40 and they said they'll keep playing it on their countddown when they comeback January 5th.

    Keep requesting the song on pop: https://sites.google.com/site/urbrhypopradiostations/home

    Vote here multiple times: https://polldaddy.com/poll/9612066/

    I'm seriously so confused as to why radio is choosing to support this but not Make Me which had multiple chances to smash properly...

  6. Just now, Hunty said:

    Her team is pissing me very badly 

    If Britney's going to have a successful era again, she needs a new team or a complete re-invention ala Confessions On a Dance Floor or The Emancipation of Mimi.

    It'd be amazing if the conservatorship was revamped or lifted, she gains control over everything and does things the way she wants to do, without having Vegas be the center of everything.

    But LOL, that's just my fantasy. :beysip:

  7. Sadly that's the way it's ended up this era.

    People expect too much uptempo dance from Britney. Which is ok but it really doesn't transcend her as an artist.

    She'll have to go back to dance if the label wants another hit record but I just hope it's not generic ass dance. I'd like her to keep the style of the more experimental tracks. Critical praise is much more rewarding than love from the GP.