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  1. 01 Botched Vocals

    02 Promoted Everywhere After the Era

    03 Didn't Deserve to Flop

    04 #willpower Reject

    05 G.R.L. Demo

    06 Piece of Sh!t

    07 Femme Fatale Outtake

    08 PRISM Reject

    09 Excuse to Collab with My Sister

    10 Filler Track

    11 Song About God

    12 Another Song About God

    13 Avicii "Wake Me Up" Cover

    14 I Didn't Have Another Decent Track to Put on This Terrible Album, So Here's a Remix

  2. Just now, britneysslumberparty said:

    This isn't new. They've been promoting this on 102.7 KIIS Fm for a month now. They barely play the commercial for it though, but I hear it every once in awhile. It features Gimme More, Slumber Party, and Big Fat Bass in the commercial playing behind the man talking. It's frustrating that Team B didn't get a radio deal from those festivals but instead asked for this commercial to be played instead. Just shows that Vegas is the priority and It needs to end. :meltdown:

    Are you serious? Why did I just get the email today then?

    Team Britney is a fucking mess. :meltdown:

  3. Just now, Chico101 said:

    Sorry! I think I was associating the tour themes with the albums.

    Femme Fatale had a femme fatale theme in the tour. I bought the DVD - its even a huge part of the opening sequence of the tour.

    Yeah the tour's storyline is really the only thing about it. The music is too happy and poppy and the photoshoot is white and full of light, it's not like the dark and black themes of a Femme Fatale.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    Someday being million times better than Everytime??? Cackling, how is Everytime cheesy and Someday is not? lmao dude just stop.
    Performances weren't televised? Hun how is the weather under the rock you live in?
    Apple show
    Jonathan ross
    and more, say "Hello!!!"

    The BBMAs were Vegas promo.

    The VMAs is the only true Glory performance, because the TODAY show performances of Make Me / Come Over were Vegas centered as well.

    iHeartRadio was Vegas promo and it does not reach a big audience.

    The Apple Show was streamed online, not televised in the US.

    Jonathan Ross was in the UK.

    "Hello!!!", none of these counted for real significant promo other than the VMA performance which actually helped the song and her team should have capitalized on the situation and booked Britney for more late night shows to promote the damn album and not Piece of Me.

  5. Ok, let me break it down for you:

    "Radar" is on all editions because Britney had a contract with The Clutch (co-producers of the song) that the track had to be a single if she wanted it on Blackout. Since it was never released, they had to tack it onto Circus.

    As for the rest of the tracks:

    "Rock Me In" and "Phonography" are on the regular Deluxe Editon.

    "Amnesia" is on the UK and Japan Standard Editions.

    "Rock Boy" is on the Mexico Standard Edition.

    "Quicksand" was a pre-order track for the EU iTunes Deluxe Edition.

    "Trouble" was a pre-order track for the US iTunes Deluxe Edition.

    There is no one edition of the album that contains all of the bonus tracks.

    If you need any of the songs, I have them all in the following formats:

    Rock Me In / Phonography / Rock Boy (iTunes+)

    Amnesia / Trouble (iRip from Lossless)

    Quicksand (iTunes)

    Hope that helps! :) 

  6. I used to be like this in middle school. I didn't want to be bullied so I only kept a few of her songs on my iPod and didn't really say anything about my love for her.

    Thankfully, I have the privilege of living in mostly liberal South Florida so once I came out and gained some much needed self confidence in high school, it was fair game.

    I synced all her music to my phone, played her openly in both mine and friends cars, I even played "Stronger" once during weight training for football because any of us were allowed to add a song to the workout playlist.

  7. 3 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    She's definitely a better vocalist, and Britney's only played the piano on like 2 songs.

    I like Britney more but there's no arguing on talent, come on. 

    And as far as songwriting goes, I think everytime is the only hit with Britney's name on it. She wrote other songs, but they didn't reach much success.

    Talent can account for more than one thing. I'll give you vocals but that's really it. I'm pretty sure Everytime is bigger than any hit song Christina has written as well.

  8. 3 minutes ago, BraveNewSeth said:

    But that's the difference between Britney and Porktina's careers. Britney's is sinking because she WANTS it to sink. She's over fame, she's over the big album sales and singles, and being number one everywhere. She's perfectly content with staying in Vegas and releasing albums for her fans. Pork on the other hand is flopping because she's irrelevant and no one cares about her anymore. She's desperate for fame and attention. She didn't get it with Bionic because it's garbage, and then she ran to Max Martin for a basic bop to get a quick hit, and it STILL flopped. The public is over Xtina's oversinging and high opinion of herself. Britney purposely sabotaged her own career so she could live a normal life for herself and her kids.

    But here's something funny, Christina's only album on Metacritic with a score of over 60 is Back To Basics:


    On the other had, all of Britney's albums have scores of over 60, minus Britney and Britney Jean:


    And HERE'S the best part

    God damn bitch, I tried to be nice in my comment but :hahaha:

  9. 18 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    Yeah, I like a lot of her older stuff but I could not get into Bionic at all.

    Yeah, Britney's career is starting to sink but there's no denying she's been more successful and is still ahead of Xtina to this day. And yeah, Christina's more talented without a doubt, but Britney is better at making hits and great albums. Just compare their metacritic scores (although Britney Jean knocked the score down, it would be a lot higher without it).

    More talented in what sense though? That she can scream?

    Britney can play piano, Christina plays no instruments.

    She's "written" and "produced" but how can she do the latter if she can't read or play music? She definitely bought those credits just like Britney and Beyonce's labels do.

    She's never been able to dance like Britney either.

    Talent in this sense is really subjective but let's not act like Christina is at some kind of MJ level talent. She's a nice vocalist and that's really it, no shade.