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  1. 4 minutes ago, Slave4Brit88 said:

    Interesting, that's why it's so frustrating there doesn't seem to be nearly any information on it, as with a lot of the unreleased songs.

    Well I've literally become an encyclopedia over the years because I find her unreleased material so fascinating and I've done a lot of my research so I'd be happy to answer any questions. :)

    Really the only track I can recall that we have 0 information on is Dramatic. :orangu:

    Welcome to Me is also a bit confusing.

  2. It was most likely recorded somewhere in 2004-2006. For these reasons, I have it under Blackout because it's sonically similar to the other leftovers from the era.

    (I don't have an Original Doll album because it never really came that close to become a real body of work.)

    It has that fiery sass that compliments the album. I'd like to believe it was produced by JR Rotem, another reason it would go under Blackout.

  3. Honestly Britney will not be seen as some artistic mind unless she reinvents her image completely and goes more towards the direction she had duing 2004-2005.

    Since her sex sells along with the conservatorship, this will most likely not come to fruition.

    In that case, (and because she's not going to sing live) Britney really needs to step up with the performing. She does need to indulge herself with better choreo. JLO, Madonna, Beyonce are her peers and while their choreo may not be end all of dancing, it's far better than Britney's hip hop Zumba 2 step moves.

  4. 2 minutes ago, tsss said:

    Wade Robson? then it's 100% Britney

    I can see it but the song is still too sexual for this era...Slave on the other hand tho :awks:

    That's where my confusion lies lol. I'm really anal about having my music organized and I hate having these doubts.

    I wish I could hang out with Britney for like an hour having her verify what goes where. :orangu: 

  5. 43 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    Welcome To Me has to be my all time favorite unreleased track. Such a damn shame :foh: that it was never on an album. We better get an unreleased collection when her 20 year mark comes around. 

    Her team would never bother to be that smart or generous.

    It would be amazing if we could get EPs with the 5-8 best unreleased tracks from each album.

  6. 2 minutes ago, button said:

    Maybe it wasn't worded correctly, but I'm not talking about the quality of Femme fatale.

    A music legend does more than following the trend of 2011. A music legend gives somethig of value to music. That's what I meant.

    Also I'm not sure why people are downvoting me? She is a legend, but for pop culture and pop music, not to the world of music/musicality. Girl doesn't even sing live. Come on.

    George was a music legend. Not even sure why there is a comparison between the 2.

    Britney was the one who was first in line of that trend though? She literally brought the whole dubstep trend to pop radio. It was the first of it's kind to go fully mainstream... :sassybrit:

  7. 21 minutes ago, button said:

    She is a pop culture legend but nothing more than a music icon. Her chances at becoming a music legend faded starting from Circus. What kind of music legend has Britney Jean and Femme fatale in her discography? :tiffsmoke:

    The same kind of legend among her peers that is the only one with an album in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame's catalog cited for influential contributions to pop music. :forkit:

    Femme Fatale was received well and spawned 3 big hits for her, cemented her legacy in 3 decades on top and gave us a successful world tour (regardless of the quality of her performance.)

    What exactly is wrong with uptempo dance music? Micheal has Blood On the Dance Floor, Madonna has Hard Candy. What is your point bb? :staysalty:

  8. 8 minutes ago, Curious_1110 said:

    Rihanna couldn't release Lemonade it's too specific to her (B) as a black southern/American woman. Imagine Rihanna singing Daddy Issues with a southern twang. Or Rihanna musing about the hurt of a failed long term relationship due to infidelity when her only known confirmed relationship was with Chris B and we a know how it ended. Or her take on Freedom ...as a Bajan woman. 

    We'll have to disagree because in my opinion To Pimp A Butterfly and Lemonade are 2 albums that transcended music and made social statements. Granted Lemonades statement was a bit watered down in comparison 

    Rihanna doesn't have to sing it with a twang. She could easily incorporate her own culture by adding that Carribean flair. The lyrics aren't specific to one genre of music.

    Rihanna could easily talk about the relationship with Chris Brown. She did this on Rated R and Unapologetic. It's her own story much like JAY Z's infidelity is to Beyonce.

    Lemonade is panderous. It doesn't feel sincere at all to me because Beyonce herself is not sincere. She's incredibly egotistical and unrelatable as an artist. Her whole persona is overwhelming and keeps you shut out with a glittery facade covering the interior. Never have I had a moment watching Beyonce perform or watching her speak about her artistry or personal life where I was in my feels.

    Perphaps that's my personal opinion as you have your own, but that is just how I feel and I do have examples to back these statements up.

    Beyonce is known to steal her artistic credentials, so why should I believe that Lemonade is her true artistry? Why should I believe that her team and producers didn't come up with every detail while she just provided the canvas?

    I mean anybody can buy art supplies.

  9. 21 minutes ago, Curious_1110 said:

    Father John Misty, Tame Impala, and Bjork released that year, the alternative bases were covered plus it was her debut album and she's a pretty niche artist. Also I can't see the Grammys nominating Cry Baby for album of the year with those song titles, no matter how good the material.

    I don't disagree with with you, Beyonce releasing Lemonade does play a big huge part in the way it was received. There's no denying that. But I also don't think that's the sole reason it's getting praised

    It is. Had anyone else released this album (say Rihanna) the reaction would be average. It's not that special nor does it transcend any planes.

  10. 1 hour ago, Curious_1110 said:

    Well, by definition Lemonade is a concept album therefore it is objectively more cohesive than Glory. From track 1-11 Lemonade has a narrative arc that's easy to follow. Glory is an excellent pop album, but concept albums, true concept albums are rare and people praise them on a different level (see The Dark Side of The Moon)

    Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey among others released a concept album. Where's her year end #1 and Grammy?

    Let's be real, she's only getting the attention because she's Beyonce. It's not that deep or special. :madonna:

  11. 54 minutes ago, Drogon said:

    Lemonade is the best album released this year. It has variety, it has a great (real or fictional) storyline. Amazing production, it's masterfully crafted. The visuals are great.

    Beyoncé's vocal delivery spans all kind of emotions. Every track serves a purpose and it has so many layers. The thought and time that went into doing the album puts almost all other releases this year to shame. The massive logistics for the release to maximize publicity, tickets and album sales. The dedication when it came to the very few promo performances. The world tour.

    Credit should be given where it's due. Wether you like her and her album or not Lemonade delivered in every category. you all can seethe.

    An album that tells a story and exhibits emotion?