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  1. 2 minutes ago, DirtyMind said:

    True.  I just don't blame her for being cautious, if that's actually why she cut the backflip.  

    It's frustrating though... She can't expect it to be perfect all the time, slip ups happen sometime and if she has her dancers there to guide her and provide support, what's the excuse? If the guy can't do it, swap him for a stronger dancer like Willie or Jae.

    TBH there's a bigger chance of her getting injured with the Toxic tree bungee jump.

    I'm sick of all these unnecessary choreo cuts. It drags down the quality of the performance and when she cuts multiple segments, it brings down the overall quality of the show.

    Nobody cares how many times you can whip your messy bun around Britney...

  2. 1 hour ago, DirtyMind said:

    Can't say I blame her.  That was probably scary for her. :mhm:  She's already fucked up her knee a million times- the last thing she needs is to mess up her back or something, too.

    She's not 65... She's being supported the whole time. It was the dancer's fault for not doing the cue.

  3. 6 hours ago, NiceSpears said:

    STFU. Have some respect. It's not like anyone else out there is doing backflips and sh!t when performing, right?

    Perhaps it's a mental block at the moment (which happens to like anyone doing backflips). Hopefully the London - thing doesn't put pressure and nerves stopping her from doing it further.

    I feel for her! 

    You STFU. The performance is boring as f**k, all she does is spin around and stick her face in d*ck.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Dynasty said:

    yeah i remember it too, the song exposes the elite and the machinery, it most probably exposes the rape and pedophilia in the pop industry too, and God knows what else, it's something they would never want anyone to find out :mhm: 

    Y'all are looking way too into this song. Lol.

    It's just about Britney being rebellious against her team and the toxic people around her and taking control of her own desicions. It was just too controversial of a song at the time.