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  1. 14 minutes ago, justkeepdoingit said:

    that is simply not true. times have changed and lipsyncing everything always is absolutely unacceptable by almost almost anyone's standard.

    britney's team needs to understand it. it's even more crucial for her bc of some controversies regarding her vocals in the past few years (myah marie, "alien" leak, basically her lipping since 2004 etc). no one cares if others lip bc they also sing live here and there.

    She is never going to sing live. This fanbase needs to accept that reality. It's MUCH easier for her to get the anchors out of her pants and start dancing better than to take vocal lessons and have her voice crack live on stage.

  2. 2 minutes ago, TomM0RE said:

    She is still young. She slayed embarassing moves when she was 18, she could do it now. She doesn't always perform in the proper mood but we should accept that and it is ok that she is not like her backup dancers.

    fans compare primeney's dancing skills and 2016ney's. The gp do not.

    the gp just see one thing: she does not sing. We need to accept that A big part of the gp don't consider britney an artist. 

    It is not true that primeney dancing skills would change that.

    there are no succesfull singers today that use 100% playback.

    Britney was the only one that lipsynced back then in her prime too, so that argument is irrelevant.

    Christina, P!nk, Avril, Jessica and Destiny's Child all sang live.

  3. Just now, BraveNewSeth said:

    Such a sh!t, terrible album. Myah Marie lead vocals, fake writing credits, her first non-number one album, Perfume, will.u.not, Britney focusing on Vegas instead of the album... the list goes on and on. Thank God for Work Bitch, the album's one saving grace. 

    The writing credits could actually be real. An engineer actually posted Britney's handwritten "Brightest Morning Star" lyrics on his Instagram and they were actually different than the final song. Sia must have changed a few lines but Britney pretty much wrote more than half of that song...

  4. 3 minutes ago, TomM0RE said:

    I think she looks awkward because she makes awkward faces and she is not into the performance. The backup dancers are always 100% into the choreographies and they don't look awkward.

    primeney slayed all kind of choreographies and let's not forget that the original oops choreography was WAY more embarassing than current stronger.

    we should stop blame the choreographers. Dancers slay all kind of moves!

    anyway I think her dancing skills are fine right now for being a singer. The problem is that she should sing live.

    the dancing is not enough today to be an affirmed singer.

    she needs:

    - live singing

    - controversy

    - involvement in important things (political issues, women support...)


    Sweetie she was 18 years old doing that Oops! choreo. It worked for the age group. Obviously her doing it now would be tragic.

    The VMA and DWAD choreo were entirely different however. And that's what I'm talking about when I say Britney had a unique style of performing.

    The dancers look good doing it because they're fully trained and don't have anxiety up there counting their steps like Britney does fearing she'll mess up and lose her place.

    She needs a natural style of choreo that will allow her to move her body accordingly without having to execute every count specifically.

    She will never sing live.

    Her team doesn't want to give her anymore controversy.

    She has no interest in whoring herself out like Stolé.

    The main reason people find Britney boring now is because they don't see Primeney anymore. She has to change up the performance style. That will be the ticket to getting back on top. One killer dance break.

  5. 21 minutes ago, RussianFan said:

    In this album sales climate it doesn't even feel like Glory is a flop album. Today even 500k WW is considered a successful album. So 322k is just ok for someone who is still performing since 1998. 

    Beyonce was also performing since 1998 (not as a solo act but she was still out there) and she's pushing 1M first week.

    If she keeps at it and Britney keeps declining eventually she's going to reach Britney's numbers.

  6. 6 minutes ago, TomM0RE said:

    The choreographies are not bad at all. Wb, gm, bom, tomh, bti are the best we have had since the breakdown!!!

    She dances better than the 90% of other popstars.


    the only problem with britney is the singing. 2016 is not 1998. Singers are supposed to sing now.

    She looks awkward doing them. The moves aren't "her". Britney used to have a unique style that involved a lot of core and hip movement.

    Now it's all hair flips, wild arms and that "airing the fart" move.

    She needs someone that understands how her body moves, this is why Andre worked so well with her (may he RIP).

  7. Um no. Britney took a risk and got massive critical praise for this song and I'm proud of it.

    Better sounds like everything else out there and it would have just been her following the obvious trend yet again.

    The MV and lackluster performances were what killed this era.

  8. 1 hour ago, CJMCH said:

    The contract with some producers requires that you put the album out there, but she wasn't gonna do it, hence why lots of them were cut out when Vegas was in the works and they had to complete the album with what they had left. It was about that time when Body Ache was finished and when Myah came in.

    Well that's the moment where you scrap the album and put out an EP to promote Vegas. They were way in over their heads with this.

  9. 1 hour ago, CJMCH said:

    I think the problem with BJ was that after FF we thought we would get another CD full of great tracks, which didn't happen. BJ has some good songs, but some of them sound like rushed finished demos (Alien's altered vocals, Body Ache being badly mastered and mixed, Chillin with U sounding nothing like Britney) and it's not like it had a lot of tracks to choose from either.

    The tracks were just good, to the point were the only 2 real highlights of the album were the 2 singles and maybe a couple more if you wanna defend this.

    If you add the Myah controversy to it, that's how you end up with her worst album/the album that the fans hate. It's pretty obvious that the album was changed at the very last minute, but this time they didn't have a Dr. Luke to add bops all over it to hide the fact that RCA didn't like her real personal album.

    It was going to be Blackout 2.

    Britney was working with a lot of urban producers in 2012 including Darkchild, Hit-Boy, Scoop DeVille and even Wiz Khalifa. In 2013 around the same time she was working with William Orbit she had Naughty Boy in the studio as well.

    I really don't know what the f**k Larry was thinking canning everything and giving will.i.am complete control...

  10. This album is bittersweet.

    I remember listening to the exclusive stream on Apple Music a few days before release and I was so excited I went for a run outside with it and I ended up being so disappointed.

    It was the first Britney album that I didn't love every song on from start to finish. And I knew that wasn't a good sign of things to come.

    I felt the same feeling when listening to Pretty Girls for the first time. The snippets from the music video set sounded promising, and then I heard the full thing and it sounds like an unfinished demo. Thank God for Glory because I was beginning to think that Britney had lost her touch...

    At least we had Tom's Diner during that dark era. :forkit: