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  1. 33 minutes ago, BraveNewSeth said:

    Don't get me wrong, I believe some of the writing credits are real. Like we know she wrote the second verse on "Alien" because Ana Diaz's original demo leaked, and the second verse is just Ana humming. So Britney wrote that part. I'm also pretty sure she wrote most of Hold On Tight as well since only she and Allan Grigg are credited as writers. But I can't believe her team would be stupid enough to think that WE'RE stupid enough to think Britney would write on songs like Work Bitch, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache, and It Should Be Easy :orangu:

    Britney wrote Mmm Papi so "my love 4 u iz a million billion" isn't that far off. :moorangu: 

  2. 41 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

    So lemme ask you a question....do you consider Gaga to be doing good simply because she's sold 768k albums of Joanne WW so far? Because I don't think you take into account as to reasons as to why these certain people are still selling albums i.e. discounts, publicity stunts, controversy and theft.

    Just saying 

    Britney should have really bundled Glory with the POM tickets. That alone increased Madonna's sales by 10k.

  3. Just now, RussianFan said:

    You mentioned xtina. Her latest album debuted with 70k in 2012!!!! So your point is invalid. Even Selena debuted with 80k having multiple hit and performance. I would completely agree with you if glory debuted with 50k which is kinda low even for 2016. 

    My point is not invalid. How does she go from 505k to 276k to 107k to 111k (with only 88k being actual hard copies)... It's not a good sign. She isn't on the level of Selena Gomez, her numbers should be racking up the same as her peers. Unfortunately her peers are either flopping harder (JLO and Xtina) or doing better (Beyonce and P!nk).

  4. Just now, SlaymeMore said:

    Even "He About To Lose Me" ?

    It's a serious question because I always thought she sang that one live (with backup vocals of course) :lostney:

    I'd love to believe she sang it live but no. :orangu:

    I mean she could barely talk during this era and sound normal, you think she could sing? :meltdown:

  5. 13 minutes ago, Doug said:

    It kinda makes me sad because it was a undeniably successful era totally wasted cause she just wasn't ready for it back then. 

    And even with it's commercial success it collaborated to the sabotage of her image as a performer and as an artist.


    Omg my friends dragged me so hard back then when she performed at the BBMAs with Nicki and just walked around and lipsynced for 30 seconds. :meltdown: