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  1. 35 minutes ago, MX3 said:

    man on the moon


    aint nothing like the real thing - marvin gaye 

    i could see britney doing an amazing job with a marvin gaye song cause it is so soulful but not too challenging in terms of register - and it's such a sweet, romantic song. i think she would kill it! its also a duet so she could do it with a male singer. not sure who though.....hmmmm.....

    marvin gaye doing man on the moon? not so much lol. 

    I think Miguel would be a cool fit.


  2. I'm seeing a common theme here.

    Britney is so versatile as an artist that she can cover multiple genres, making her own spin on these songs without completely altering the final product.

    Where as these other artists can't really make a Britney song work in it's original format without completely restructuring the track because it's so suited to Britney herself, she has her own distinct sounds.

  3. 21 minutes ago, Army1 said:

    She has a POM show tonight...at most a video recording....if they were smart they would have had a prerecorded SP performance with Tinashe from Vegas since it appears peoples choice has music performances now


    4 minutes ago, CJMCH said:

    Maybe she pre recorded something if she won, but she has a show tonight.

    In a perfect world, she recorded Slumber Party and it will be broadcasted live from the Axis tonight. :meltdown:

    A performance there is kinda tacky though. Big names usually do not perform there... I mean people only show up because they know they're winning something. :madonna:

  4. 21 hours ago, Mayenaise said:

    OMFG I just thought of another one... PUNCHING THE INTERVIEWER.


    Why did she start doing this this era :dead::jackk:

    Like that guy who interviewed her back stage from the original MM MV and he asked if her son's like her music and she legit assualted the man :selenerz:

    Shes done it in a couple of interviews recently I'm howling idk why :meltdown: 

    You don't fuq wit Britni


  5. 10 minutes ago, A.D. said:

    What about Jonathan Ross and Today Show? Even iHeart Radio counts since she performed it there :giggleney:

    It did have its fair share of promo, they simply started out too late and before the VMA's performance all they had was a mediocre music video where Britney portrays a soccer mom secretly working for Pornhub and who's best friends with the hyenas from the original Lion King :reductive:


    15 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

    I wanna be on exhale when you'll realize your level of delusion for this post :giggleney:

    Jonathan Ross was UK promo when the song was already dead and buried over there. :truthtea:

    The TODAY Show was Vegas promo (not to mention terrible stiff performances) and did she even mention Glory? :truthtea:

    iHeartRadio was Vegas promo and nobody even knew that televised broadcast was even going on, it had minimal ratings and was shown once the song was dead and buried here in the US as well. :truthtea:

    The VMA performance was the only real and relevant promotional tool used for Make Me and even that was underwhelming. :truthtea:

  6. 38 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:
    1. She hates it (But it's probably not the case since she enjoyed doing the video with Tinashe and put it on Glory)
    2. Someone she loves has a serious disease (We would have known)
    3. She's lazy and RCA doesn't care either because they saw MM underperformed with a lot of promo

    MM didn't have a lot of promo lol. It had the VMA performance and that was it.