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  1. 2 minutes ago, button said:

    Selling 2.6M in 2016 is a big achivement. The sales climate is terrible. It is equivalent to selling 10M in 2001. They have all the right to brag about it. It also marks the 6th time a Beyoncé album had outdone a Britney album since 2003 and she had a huge tour with a gross Britney has never and will never touch. She extended her #1 album streak to 6. And most importantly, these are achievements from 2016. What can you say in defense of Britney other than bringing up her old numbers like you just did? Exactly. How do you not understand why they're arrogant and cocky? Beyoncé is serving impressive longevity, she's killing it.  :jolieoverit:


    But you and I both know that Billboard purposely sabotoged Blackout, otherwise Britney would currently have 7 #1 albums.

  2. 4 hours ago, KingSlay said:

    Didn't he choreograph during the Femme Fatale era? If so, then no thanks cis. :weirdmeout:


    2 hours ago, Morning Glory said:

    He gave us FF messy choreo so no. 


    He should've tailored that choreo to Britney better than he did. 


    2011 Brian: OK Britney, I've got some super challenging and fast choreo for HIAM and TTWE. 

    Britney: I can't do any of it. 

    Brian: OK well do this bit here, then pose, then touch the floor twice, then jump on "hazy" then do a little bit more of the choreo. It'll look fine :gloria: 



    He should've said "right I'm gonna dumb it down, BUT make it look decent." 


    5 minutes ago, Luminous said:

    Only HIAM... i think.. it was cool (on the dancers) but didn't fit on her.. and she wasn't in her best shape so... that, made it worst! :forkit:

    He was hired at the beginning of the era and he choreo'd the HIAM video. Britney was only able to do so much and she couldn't really handle a lot.

    For the tour they let him go though. They hired back Jamie King who did the Circus Tour after Andre was let go.

  3. 26 minutes ago, CJMCH said:

    They were dumb enough to have a "special performance" with less people instead of recording the actual show with good makeup and hairdo. They should have added another song too, maybe Work Bitch.

    Not to mention the Today Show performances are nowhere to be found. They should be on her VEVO, she was good despite all the people complaining that day. :lessons:

    DYWO? was painfully awkward and stiff and MM was boring.

    She's done better performances of those two.