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  1. 2 minutes ago, Seel said:

    I'm afraid that it reminds Britney of terrible memories. They, filmmakers, don't even ask her advice. :ehno:

    They always ask prior to shooting to recieve a blessing and to learn information about certain topics.

    Britney and her team didn't want their names attached to this though.

  2. Just now, colormefresh said:

    This fanbase is just bored so they like to complain about everything to pass the time.

    Imagine being a Janet fan rn. 4 cancelled tours, an oversized burqa, and an alien pregnancy somewhere in the Middle East.  :meltdown:

    Thats almost worse than being a Christina Aguilera fan! :weirdmeout:

    S T A H P :meltdown:

  3. Just now, colormefresh said:

    Janet hasn't completed a tour or released a decent album in two decades.

    1. Britney (good music, still sells tickets)

    2. Madonna (trash music, still sells tickets)

    3. Janet (trash music, can't sell tickets)


    Gorl bye at you calling Madonna's music trash. I wish Britney would have those talented producers on her roster like Mirwais Ahmandazi instead of fucking will.i.am and that hew Anthony Preston. :meltdown: