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  1. Omg you may be onto something. Can anyone dig up the screenshot of that woman who got her hair done in front of Britney? So we can zoom in on her outfit and see if it's the same as the new video? I was only able to find this.
  2. Yeah, shout out to Larry Rudolph for dangling a carrot in front of us again.
  3. Are y’all serious with the “she’s looking good” She looks terrible, unhappy, scared, confused, etc. Stop believing her team’s bullshit, she’s far from “happy and relaxed”.
  4. I actually want these pigs dead. She looks so doped up and lost. She’s probably barely coherent in this moment as well. Jesus I hope they don’t push her out to do another era this year.
  5. It's some fake sh!t from a Team B ass kisser on Twitter. Cristina something.
  6. In my personal opinion, it's not like they completely don't give a sh!t about her wellbeing, but the money and the business aspect will always be the main priority to them and her actual feelings will come in second place. This is where the drugs and emotional manipulation concerning her kids come in handy, to dope and prop her up and make Britney Spears the show-pony get through one more round of awkward $2,000 meet and greets and half assed concerts even if it were the last thing she should be doing right now because they want to get paid. At this point I don't care if she ever releases music or performs another show again, if she does it needs to be on her terms. With her own vision and her own decisions. These people are corrupt and are clearly taking advantage of an easy cash cow.
  7. Sticking a person with bad anxiety and apparent bipolar disorder in a small room for impersonal, 10-15 second zoo animal photo-ops with 50+ strangers every single night before performing for a crowd of 4,000 right after is absolutely what's "best for her", yes.
  8. Britney having the occasional mood swing > Britney being a doped up zombie with a pained face 24/7
  9. Those performances were pre-recorded and edited using parts from multiple takes. The SuperBowl is live.
  10. Oh, y’all were expecting Miss Britney?
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