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  1. The real reason Tinashe flopped is her ****ty music, not her skin color
  2. #26? Lmfao thats pathetic for a pop artist. She flopped hard. Album is decent though, she should have released it withnher 1st single
  3. Our fave is a has been. Her last two albums were major flops. Beyonce's latest records were hits, and Beyonce can still sing and dance while our fave hasn't had a decent performance since the In The Zone era. Beyonce is Queen and you will deal
  4. Her worst 1st single easily. Everything in the Myah Jean era was a mess, the whole album should have been scrapped
  5. Beyonce is currently more relevant and successful than our fave. We just have to deal
  6. The song is **** awful, not surprised that it flopped. Waste of a good video IMO
  7. **** the Yin Yang Twins. They're obviously haters and completelt irrelevant
  8. She was great in the SpiderMan movies, havent seen the show just yet but she's quite talented.
  9. She is a great artist. Amazing vocalist and definitely deserved much more success given her talent
  10. They're pressed that she's far more successful than their fave
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